• August 20, 2016

Talk Show Hosts Debate National Issues OnCBU Stage

Talk show hosts debate national issues on CBU stage

From left: Leslie Marshall; Dr. Chris McHorney, chair of the Dept. of History and Government, who moderated the discussion; and Hugh Hewitt. Photo and story by Grace Ferrell '13

(RIVERSIDE-Oct. 11, 2012) - Nationally syndicated radio talk show hosts Hugh Hewitt and Leslie Marshall verbally clashed Oct. 10 at California Baptist University, debating the 2012 presidential election, the economy, foreign policy and domestic policy.

Regarding the economy, Marshall, a liberal, spoke of President Obama's attempts of "working from the middle class out." She went on to say that people would vote as a result of how they "feel" about the nation's deficit rather than based on specific numbers.

Standing for conservatives, Hewitt addressed Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney's private sector experience and the 50 percent unemployment or underemployment rate college graduates have faced under the current administration.

"President Obama does not trust the private sector," Hewitt said. "Romney does because he is from the private sector."

During a discussion of foreign policy, Marshall, whose son was adopted from Pakistan, said she favored withdrawing U.S. troops from the Middle East.

"Are (Middle Easterners) hating us more because we are there?" Marshall asked.

However, Hewitt criticized President Obama's self-proclaimed foreign policy attempts to "lead from behind," preferring Romney's plans to be a "quiet but determined strength."

When talks turned to social issues such as abortion, Marshall attacked Romney for switching views after deciding to run for president as a Republican.

"As a Democrat, I consider choice of what I do with my body something the federal government shouldn't be involved in," Marshall said.

Hewitt countered Marshall's position, taking the side of the nation's Roman Catholic population.

"It's the wrong thing to do in America to tell Catholics they have to sterilize patients in their hospitals and provide the morning-after pill," Hewitt concluded.

The discussion ended with a question and answer session for audience members.

The day also featured a live broadcast of the Hugh Hewitt Show during which CBU students had the opportunity to participate.