• August 20, 2016

Students Watch Voting Results During Election Night Party

Students watch voting results during election night party

RIVERSIDE (Nov. 7, 2012) - With "I voted" stickers securely attached to their shirts for all to see, dozens of California Baptist University students watched voting results being streamed in live during the department of history and government's Election Night Party Nov. 6.

"Who does not like a good party?" said Trevor Mannion, junior political science major. "I think that being able to come in, get other people's ideas, talk to people, have a good time while you're doing it and getting more educated is the point of a college party."

The event featured a split screen projection of major news network coverage and up-to-date counts of each state's popular and electoral voting statistics. Students gathered around tables to enjoy "donkephant" cake and discuss the incoming results.

A Gov. Mitt Romney impersonator, decked out in a jet-black suit, red tie and slicked back hair, even made an appearance at the event.

"I am the governor from Massachusetts and happy to be at the party tonight," said the politician look-a-like. "Hopefully I'll have the chance to be the next president of the United States. My intentions are to reach across the aisle and build bipartisanship."

In reality, the faux politician was Jamie Killion, assistant professor of music at CBU.

"With Romney being in the news a lot, some people said ‘You kind of look like him,'" Killion said. "So I thought that with a little bit of makeup and some hair color I could see what happens."

While Killion might not have "won" the election, his entrance into the party as Romney amused students as he posed for photographs and asked if they had voted.


Story and photos by Grace Ferrell