• August 20, 2016

Sitcom Actor Jim O?Heir VisitsCBU Campus

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (Feb. 18, 2015) -- California Baptist University students took a break from homework Feb. 17 to view two next-to-last episodes of the NBC comedy "Parks and Recreation" with cast member Jim O'Heir, who plays the character of Jerry Gergich.

O'Heir was invited by longtime friend Dr. Jim Buchholz, professor of mathematics and physics, who planned the event for the College of Architecture, Visual Arts and Design.  

The event consisted of an hour-long interview of the actor conducted by Buchholz in front of a packed auditorium followed by a question and answer period. O'Heir then watched two new episodes with the students while meeting and greeting fans in the process.

During the interview, O'Heir began by discussing his decision in taking on the role of Jerry. His agents opposed his joining the cast for fear that he may not get many lines and become an extra on the set.

"To me it was such a no brainer. These were the people who created Phyllis from ‘The Office' and Stanley," he said. "I thought, if only that could happen to me … and it did."

O'Heir talked about the day-to-day life on the set.

"I have been on many shows over the years, and some sets are tough to be on," he said. "People don't talk, people don't get along. There was never an argument on the set of ‘Parks and Recreations' in 125 episodes. They are just all great people and we all meshed."

 O'Heir discussed the show coming to an end. He and the rest of the cast will appear on "Late Night with Seth Meyers" after the series finale Feb. 24.

"It was tough. We still text every day. It's like we can't break away yet," he said. "I have the feeling when we do Seth Meyers next week it will be an even tougher goodbye."

 "The meet and greet was great," said Austin Robinson, a business administration junior. "He was engaging the audience with jokes."

Although "Parks and Recreations" is coming to an end, O'Heir has big plans for his future. Currently, he is raising funds for a new project titled "Middleman," a dark comedy in which he plays the lead role.