• August 20, 2016

Runners Hit Their Stride In Lancer 5000

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (Feb. 17, 2015) -- More than 300 runners and walkers participated in the 5th annual Lancer 5000 on the campus of California Baptist University Feb. 14.

Organized by CBU's track and cross country program and sponsored by Lexus of Riverside, the event featured a 1K Kiddie Run at 7:30 a.m., followed by the 5K at 8 a.m. Awards were presented to the top participants in each age group, and the top three overall male and female runners were honored. Proceeds went to the CBU cross country and track program.

The top three male runners were Tyler Janes, who ran a time of 15:17.110, followed by Gabe Hernandez with 15:22.594 and Matthew Klein with 15:37.924. The top three female runners were Jennifer Sandoval, who ran a time of 18:18.297, followed by Emily Sanchez with 19:15.444 and Cassandra Boyd with 19:23.147.

"I saw all the older guys, and I wasn't sure (about my chances)," said Janes, a junior at Martin Luther King High School in Riverside. "But when I got out on the track I felt good, and I decided to go for it towards the end."

"It was a very challenging and fun course," Klein said. "It was a beautiful day to run, and I'm very happy that we had some of the fastest high school runners (participating)."

A raffle awarded prizes ranging from gift cards to theme park passes. The event also featured a free breakfast sponsored by Chick-fil-A and free massages provided by Corona Physical Medicine.

"We were excited with the turnout," said Sean Henning, assistant cross country and track coach and race director. "Having this many people come out and support is great. We hope to grow the event and make it bigger each year."

Results by age division included:

0-10 Division: Jennifer Lopez: 20:26.764; Markow Allura: 21:19.664; Sanchez Dhannasshy: 25:44.334; Blake Moore: 47:56.580

11-14 Division: Caitlin Miller: 20:54.177; Lanie Schemenauer: 21:11.674; Joelle Ramos: 21:16.014; Jordi Peiro: 17:40.304; Edgar Gonzalez: 17:41.600; Jacob Moran: 18:08.707

15-19 Division: Valeria Ramirez: 19:28.477; Julie Diaz: 19:51.837; Kathryn Hammar: 20:05.074; Rolando Phalen: 15:46.197; Daniel Gonzalez: 16:00.444; Erik Gonzalez: 16:02.994

20-29 Division: Jacqueline Lutz: 20:37.450; Stephanie Curnow: 23:06.394; Melissa Booth: 23:23.180;Justin Wireman: 16:01.737; Antonio Sanchez: 16:31.037; Zachary Oliver: 16:44.034

30-39 Division: Erin Pope: 24:37.970; Andrea Morey: 26:52.667; Jacqui Contreras: 26:54.074; Isaac Gallardo: 19:24.790; Moses Vasquez: 20:13.014: Josh Morey: 21:02.547

40-49 Division: Beatrice Avila: 24:09.254; May Dai: 25:20.177; Georgette Chavez 25:30.994; Victor Garcia: 18:41.790; Brad Peters: 20:08.530; Paul Avila: 21:54.077

50-59 Division: Lisa Sherman: 23:31.214; Sandy Whitt: 26:21.517; Beth Thomas: 27:13.910; Neil Smart: 18:28.614; Andrew Benavidez: 20:16.424; Fredrick Martinez: 22:38.154

60-69 Division: Carolyn Greywood: 26:46.087; Vicki Snyder: 30:02.854; Tanya Mauldin: 39:06.907; Jeffrey Kinzel: 21:18.350; Stephen Posegate: 24:49.454; Isamu Long: 28:56:580

70 - 95 Division: Linda Lang: 46:04.807; Madeline Stilwell: 46:35.354; Bill Kennedy: 32:00.410; Robert Stilwell: 55:42.620