• August 20, 2016

Riverside Film Festival FeaturesCBU Student Work April 19

RIVERSIDE (April 18, 2013)—The Riverside International Film Festival will feature the work of California Baptist University students April 19th. 

The student film festival runs from 3 to 5 p.m. at the Regal Cinemas in the Riverside Plaza.

Students based their short films around the festival's theme of creation. Participants could choose to base their work on synonyms or antonyms of "creation."

"Being involved in the festival has been a great experience," said Megan Paulos, junior graphic design major. "I loved how open the prompt is. They gave us the freedom to go wherever we wanted within the aspect of creation."

Some video and film courses required students to submit works to the festival, but the event was open to all students.

Alexis Whitlock, junior graphic design and film studies double major, submitted her second piece to the festival this year. She said she is looking forward to Friday's competition because of the versatility this year's theme gave participants.

"I am nervous because it is a competition and I want it to go well, but I will be happy either way," Whitlock said.

 The festival is free to CBU students, faculty, staff and family members.