• August 24, 2016

Research Director Aims To Create Research Center At CBU

Riverside, Calif. (July 14, 2016) – Faculty, staff and students will have a more comfortable place on campus come fall to explore and conduct research at California Baptist University.

Dr. Erin Smith, assistant professor of psychology and director of research at the School of Behavioral Sciences, said she envisions the Center for the Study of Human Behavior (CSHB) as the "water-cooler" spot to develop the culture of research at CBU.  

Smith said that while CSHB is not new to CBU, it is receiving a makeover this summer.

"We are working to create a more warm psychical space where research can be conducted," Smith said.

The center will have spaces designated to utilize research methods such as interviews or focus groups. The center will also have computers, cameras and microphones to assist in the research processes.

While the center is housed within the School of Behavioral Sciences, the CSHB is an interdisciplinary facility, and faculty, students, and researchers from across disciplines are encouraged to utilize the center, Smith said.

Smith also envisions the center as a place to host workshops where instructors can share their research findings with other faculty. She wants the place to be a melting pot and birthing place of ideas.

"Sometimes we can be consumed with teaching," Smith said. "We want the center to be a place to take a break and learn about other projects that are going on at CBU and work on building interdisciplinary collaborations."

Smith said she also wants graduate programs to know that undergraduates are looking for opportunities to gain experience with conducting research. The center will aim to connect students with research opportunities.  

"Undergraduate students can be effective resources for our graduate programs," Smith said. "They need to pad their resume with research experience, and we can use their help…it can become a mutually beneficial relationship."