• August 20, 2016

Rec Center Offers ?Fitness Frenzy? Week

Riverside, Calif. (Jan. 5, 2016) – Dozens of workout classes will be highlighted at the California Baptist University Recreation Center in the coming week to help members of the university community set and achieve realistic fitness routines.                                

Stefani Plummer, director of the CBU Recreation Center, said a common question heard at the center is, "What was your wagon?" Plummer said the question involves why someone quit a workout routine, or "fell off the wagon."

"Having a realistic expectation is the key to a successful routine," said Plummer. "Understanding what your potential wagon is could be is just as important.

"I hear of unrealistic goals all the time such as working out for 28 straight days," she explained. "When you start a workout routine, you need to take into account all of your time commitments." 

Plummer said she wants to help students, staff and faculty minimize "the wagon effect."

To help establish a realistic routine, Plummer's team has set up a program this week called "Fitness Frenzy," which offers a variety of exercise sample classes in a 30-minute format.

There will be more than 30 classes offered from Wednesday, Jan. 6, through Friday, Jan. 8. The assortment of workouts—such as Boxing Boot Camp, Bodyworks + ABS, Cycling or Cardio Kickboxing—will display a healthy sampling of possible exercise routines for participants to join this semester.

"We wanted to find a way for people to try classes but to avoid the commitment right away, Plummer said. "These classes will give people a taste of what [the workouts are] like."

View the full list of classes for Fitness Frenzy here.