• August 20, 2016

New Council Elected For Ascbu

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (March 6, 2015) -- Students have elected a new executive council for the Associated Students of California Baptist University.

The new officers for the 2015-16 school year are Executive President Makenna Lammons, Executive Vice President Jordan Lanksbury, Vice President for Finance Katie Juarez and Vice President for Communication Ashlee Smith.

Her term as president will be the third office Lammons has held in the ASCBU. A sophomore psychology and criminal justice double major, she began as a freshman representative on the ASCBU Senate and continued this year as director of office affairs on the council.

Lammons talked about how the current president, Trent Ward, brought remembrance events for 9/11 and Veterans Day to campus.

"I want to continue that because I've seen that it's had a positive impact on students," she said.  "In the past, we're known for our Christmas party in the winter and recess in the spring. Those are great traditions, but I want to continue what Trent has done, because it's also serving the student body."

Another goal Lammons has is to partner with the university and install automatic doors at the Alumni Dining Commons between the dining room and the patio area. Students struggle opening the doors holding trays.

"When I look at students, I try to find little ways to serve them," she said.

Lanksbury, a business administration sophomore, wants to provide opportunities for students to join outreach programs and fun events on campus.

"I plan on making an impact on student's lives here at CBU and making it evident that ASCBU wants to do the same," he said.

This year, Juarez, a junior accounting major, is a residential representative. While being the vice president for finance goes with her major, there was another reason she wanted to be on the council.

"I just love what ASCBU is about," she said. "I love being able to serve the students in whatever way I can, especially in an area that I think that I do well.

Juarez's goals are to ensure the budget is being used efficiently and also to get students involved on campus.

"You make more friends that way, you make more relationships, you can build relationships with professors," she said. "You can learn more and work on being a better person more than just working on your major."

Smith, a freshman communication disorders major, is a commuter representative this year. She wants to better communicate events to students, get them information early enough so they have time to plan and inform them of the services ASCBU provides.

"I thought it was an area that I could effectively serve the student body and make it an area of improvement in ASCBU and be able to help it grow," she said.