• August 20, 2016

Ncaa MovesCBU Into Provisional Year

NCAA moves CBU into provisional year

California Baptist University received notification from the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) that it will be moving on to its final year in the three-year Division II membership process after successfully completing Candidacy Year 2.

CBU Director of Athletics Dr. Micah Parker was notified in a phone call July 12 that CBU had been approved for its provisional year.

"I'm thrilled that the NCAA has moved us to the provisional year of this process," said Parker. "Our administration and coaching staff have worked hard to ensure that we keep moving successfully through this process. Athletics is so appreciative of the cooperation we've received from admissions, advising, financial aid, the registrar and from our president Dr. Ronald L. Ellis, vice president Kent Dacus and faculty athletic representative Dr. Dave Pearson."

The result keeps the Lancers on track to become full-fledged NCAA Division II members in 2013-14.

The Lancers played their first full season of NCAA Division II competition this past season as part of Candidacy Year 2, joining the Pacific West Conference. The Lancers were eligible for conference championships immediately, winning a conference-record six in 2011-12, but were not yet eligible for NCAA National Championship competition.

The same holds true for the coming provisional year as the Lancers can once again compete for PacWest titles, but will not be eligible for national competition until they become active NCAA members. CBU will continue to function as a Division II institution in all regards.

The Lancers made application to join the NCAA Division II in 2010 and were accepted into the process on July 12. CBU was moved ahead to Candidacy Year 2 on schedule by the NCAA July 12, 2011.

Also receiving a call from the NCAA on Thursday was fellow PacWest member Academy of Art, which was informed it had been granted full NCAA membership after completing the three-year candidacy process.

Coming into the NCAA Division II membership process a year behind the Lancers were former GSAC members Azusa Pacific, Point Loma, and Fresno Pacific. The three schools' applications were all accepted last year and they will now join the PacWest for competition this coming season. All three will receive calls from the NCAA regarding their status in the process Friday. Holy Names also joins the PacWest next season as they await word on their application to join the NCAA Division II membership process.

CBU's NCAA Membership Process Timeline:
July 12, 2010 - Application approved for Candidacy Year 1
July 12, 2011 - Approval granted for Candidacy Year 2
July 12, 2012 - Approval granted for Provisional Year
July 2013 - Potential announcement of full NCAA Division II membership