• August 20, 2016

Horse Whisperer Relates Training To Struggles With Christian Faith

RIVERSIDE (March 20, 2013)—Dr. Lew Sterret galloped across the campus of California Baptist University March 18, 19 and 20, combining a message of the Christian faith with his work as a horse trainer.

Students, faculty and staff of CBU had the opportunity to watch as Sterret broke a wild mare, relating its undisciplined ways to the lives of people struggling with the message and requirements of the Christian faith.

"We have a Father who loves us, a Father who chastens us and a Father who is going to drive us in," Sterret said during a chapel service Wednesday.

The trainer led the horse through different movements, calls and tricks, illustrating how having the horse's trust enabled him to guide it as God could do for those who give Him their hearts.

"God wants to get a hold of our hearts, because He wants to be the love of our lives," Sterret said. "If God is going to build hope, the first thing He must have is our hearts. When we know our hearts are His and the love of Christ is shed upon us, we have a hope that the world knows nothing about."

Sterret is a founder of the Sermon on the Mount Inc, an organization giving "lessons of life and leadership from the language of the horse" across the country and different countries. Sterret's trip to CBU marks his third time speaking on campus.