• August 20, 2016

Homecoming Activities Start With Dynamic Chapel Service

Riverside, Calif. (Nov. 6, 2015) – California Baptist University students and staff began the Homecoming weekend with a chapel service featuring a pair of talented Christian communicators. Danny Gokey, Christian recording artist, led worship and Daniel Bishop ('06), lead pastor at The Grove Community Church and recipient of the 2015 Young Alumni of the Year Award, delivered the message. 

While singing the song "How He Loves," Gokey spoke about God's deep love that can overcome any obstacle. He also offered a passionate prayer over the students, asking God to bless their endeavors.

Daniel Bishop.jpgBishop said while college students are trying to figure out what their dreams are for their lives, they should remember that God's dream for their lives is to partner with Him.

"It's very easy to think about all of your dreams, your dream job and what you want to do with your life," Bishop said. "God wants you to think about His dreams and the dreams He has for your life, and the things that He has planned out for you."

Bishop said a passage from Philippians 1 shows a partnership between the Apostle Paul and the church at Philippi. He said both believed in Jesus and both wanted to advance the gospel. Bishop encouraged students to embrace the same goals.

"It's not bad to want a great job and pursue your dreams," he said. "Just realize that God cares more about His saving work in your life than any other work that you could do for Him."

Bishop told the students they were at CBU for a reason, and it is more than just preparing them for a job.

"God is saying, ‘As you're planning out your life, as you're making all these dreams, don't forget about Me,'" Bishop said.

There are ways to determine if a dream or plan is from God, Bishop said. First, ask God, and then know that his dreams will always line up with scripture and that He will also use others to affirm your choices, Bishop said.

"When the Lord gets hold of your life, there is no greater cause for you to be a part of than spreading the gospel and being a part of His plan and His dream for all nations to know who He is," Bishop said. "That's His dream, that's His plan, that's what He wants us to be a part of. His dream is not to make our dreams come true."