• August 20, 2016

Engineering Student?S Internship Yields Full-Time Job

Note: This is the fourth story in a series on CBU student internships.

RIVERSIDE (April 3, 2013)—What typically is a 10-week internship became a full-time position for California Baptist University student Brock Gordon.

The senior civil engineering student worked with Peter Kiewit Sons', a Fortune 500 construction and engineering corporation, at the Carlsbad Desalination Plant, which removes salt and other minerals from seawater. He also assisted at a water treatment plant in Perris, Calif.

Gordon's work at both sites has included everything from aiding in project design and analyzing construction costs to actually getting his hands dirty on the construction side of the industry.

Working alongside construction staff enabled Gordon to see both sides of the field.

"For me personally, I like creating the design more than implementing the idea," Gordon said. "I really enjoy that mental process. However, I definitely love the fact that I had to go out there (on construction sites) and see both sides. With designing you need to know how the men are going to build it out on the field, because sometimes things will conflict or you won't see something that you would have known if you knew how things go together."

Gordon's CBU engineering courses and background in construction enabled him to break into the industry.

"I feel like after four years of engineering classes, (CBU) provided me a foundation and the tools to learn with (in the industry,) and I am way more effective," Gordon said.

Gordon first heard about the position at a job fair in Los Angeles. He spoke with representatives of the corporation who later followed up the conversation with a phone call offering the student the internship position.

After graduation in May, Gordon will be returning to Carlsbad, Calif. to continue his work at the desalination plant as an employee of Kiewit. 


Article written by Grace Ferrell