• August 20, 2016

Speaker Tells Students, ?Whatever Defines You Will Shape You?

Riverside, Calif. (March 2, 2016) –"Who do you think you are?" Jo Saxton asked California Baptist University students. "[The question is important], because you never live beyond what you believe about yourself."         

Saxton spoke on the subject of a person's identity at chapel on March 2. She is a director in 3D Movements, an organization aimed at putting discipleship and mission ministries into the hands of ordinary people. She also has served on church teams discipling leaders and planting missional communities.

"Whatever defines you will shape you, will shape your choices, your actions, your purpose," she said. "You live on the cusp of beautiful things in your life, so it would be good to know what's driving that."

Referencing Judges 6, Saxton told the story of Gideon, a mighty warrior, who was commissioned by God to fight Israel's enemy. Gideon initially thought he was the least of his tribe and family. Gideon had a history that defined him, but in the hands of God, he was transformed.   

"[God says] I see more than your circumstances, I see more than your family. I see more than the struggles that you've had. I see more than your fears," she said. "I see your potential. I see what I would love to do with your life."

On the cross, Jesus gave believers a new beginning and purpose so they can be part of changing a broken world, Saxton said.

"There is a world out there who needs us to live out what we believe, who needs us to make all things new just like Jesus did," she said. "Wherever God sends you, be the kind of people who change lives for good, who changes things on their watch because human beings are worth it."