• August 24, 2016

Celebrity Chef Jet Tila ?Stir-Fried? It Up At CBU?S Wok On Grand Opening

Riverside, Calif. (Sept. 10, 2015) – The recipe for the grand opening of California Baptist University's new WOK ON dining option featured vegetables, protein, noodles and a celebrity chef.

Jet Tila, Food Network celebrity chef, was on hand to serve up stir-fried cuisine, with CBU President Dr. Ronald L. Ellis enjoying the first serving of the Pan-Asian culinary delight.

WOK ON is the brainchild of Tila, who has partnered with CBU and Provider Contract Food Services to create the concept. Dining options include a modern twist to Thai, Cantonese and Chinese wok-style or stir-fried cooking.

"It's healthier Asian food that gives you a range of Asia," said Tila. "[WOK ON] really covers all of Asia…nice thing about Asia it's a big place."

Divina Cortes ('19) tried WOK ON for lunch on the first day of fall semester classes.

"It's delicious and has great flavor," said Cortes, who ate a bowl of stir-fried chicken, noodles, rice and veggies. "It tasted like a home cooked meal."

Kipp Dougherty, director of Provider Contract Food Services, said CBU's dining options included bowls but did not have a real focus on this type of cuisine until WOK ON arrived.

"We really wanted to focus in on Asian cuisine, which is extremely popular in Southern California. We knew that wasn't in our wheelhouse, it wasn't a strength of ours, so we started to look for culinary experts," she said.

Tila is familiar with food services on campus communities. He has collaborated with more than 20 universities.

"We did a great job in nine to 12 weeks of creating a station that's crave-able, delicious and that works well. It's a feat," Tila said.

Brittaney Perkins ('16) said it was a hardy meal for the amount she paid.

"If I can't finish my meal then you know their serving size is good," said Perkins, who tried a bowl of stir-fried rice, beef, chili and mushrooms.

WOK ON is located inside CBU's Brisco's Café at The Village student housing complex.