• August 24, 2016

CBU?S Rebranded Boeing 727 Ready For First Aviation Science Class

RIVERSIDE (Sept. 3, 2013)—California Baptist University's Boeing 727aircraft began a new life as CBU classes began Sept. 3. The inaugural class of 25 aviation science students is the first group to benefit from the former cargo jet, now re-painted in CBU colors and logos, in its new role as a teaching lab for future pilots.

FedEx Express donated the Boeing 727-200F to the university in January for use by the aviation science program. The aircraft is on permanent display at the airport and sports a design created by CBU graphic design student Taylor Griner.

"Although this aircraft has reached the end of its useful life in commercial service after 33 years, it is beginning a new life here at the Riverside Municipal Airport," said Dr. Daniel Prather, founding chair of the CBU aviation science department. "CBU could not be more pleased with this generous donation from FedEx."

Before its final flight, the aircraft with registration number N266FE provided FedEx with 20 years of service, transporting packages to destinations throughout the United States. The plane was the 60th donation of a Boeing 727 aircraft to various organizations for educational purposes. Prior to its service with FedEx, the aircraft served as a passenger plane for Air Canada.