Coronavirus update: 3/16/2020:

CBU spring commencements postponed until August due to COVID-19 pandemic

California Baptist University has announced spring commencement ceremonies will be rescheduled for later in the year due to travel and public assembly restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

CBU officials said ceremonies originally scheduled on April 28 and April 29 are being moved to August 19 and August 20, 2020. Summer commencement ceremonies scheduled for August 18 will continue as planned. The decision comes amid issuance of strict new guidelines from local, state and federal authorities to stem the spread of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19.   

University leaders decided to delay spring commencement activities just hours after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended canceling or postponing in-person events involving 50 or more people throughout the United States for the next eight weeks.  

CBU officials acknowledged the move is disappointing, but said it is the right thing to do along with other significant actions prompted by the rapidly developing COVID-19 pandemic.  

Last weekend, CBU officials announced that all academic programs are being transitioned to online delivery beginning March 30, at the end of an extended spring break currently in effect.   

Additionally, after the Riverside County Health Director last week ordered the closing of all public and private schools and colleges in the county, the CBU campus is now closed to the public. Student residences remain open and critical campus operations such as safety and food services continue.  

The latest information about COVID-19 developments at CBU is being updated regularly on the university’s website, calbaptist.edu.



Coronavirus update: 3/14/2020:

California Baptist University moving all classes online during COVID-19 emergency; remote instruction begins March 30 with spring semester extended one week through May 2

California Baptist University is transitioning to online delivery of all academic programs effective March 30, 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic guidelines from public health authorities.

CBU officials announced plans to teach classes exclusively online after Riverside County Health Officer Dr. Cameron Kaiser ordered all schools and universities in the county closed from March 16, 2020 through April 3, 2020.

In compliance with the county order, the CBU campus will be closed to the public as classes move online and student residences remain open.

“This is uncharted territory for almost all of us,” said CBU President Dr. Ronald L. Ellis. “As we move forward together and adapt to this extremely challenging and fluid situation, I appreciate the cooperation of everyone affected by these decisions.”

Remote academic instruction will continue until further notice, a university spokesman said. While the CBU campus is closed to the public, student residences will remain open and critical functions such as safety services and food service will continue.

The health officer’s order closing all Riverside County schools supersedes an earlier CBU decision to extend the university’s normal spring break schedule. As a result, the university now is extending the spring semester schedule a week through May 2 to make up for the one-week spring break extension.

The changes announced March 14 apply to CBU traditional undergraduate and graduate programs. Operations for the CBU Division of Online and Professional Studies will continue according to the published OPS calendar.

“This unprecedented public health crisis clearly is impacting every member of the CBU campus community—students, parents, faculty and staff—and society at large,” President Ellis acknowledged. “I want to thank the entire Lancer Nation for your understanding and patience as we make significant adjustments to address a difficult and dynamic situation.


Coronavirus update: 3/12/2020:

After careful consideration of the events concerning the coronavirus, especially in the past 24 hours, and out of an abundance of caution, California Baptist University leadership has announced they are extending spring break starting tomorrow March 13 through March 27. This affects traditional in-person undergraduate and graduate students. The Division of Online and Professional Studies will continue to operate under its normal schedule.

There are still no cases of COVID-19 on campus or directly impacting anyone associated with the university at this time. The extended spring break will allow university leadership to plan out an effective path for the remainder of the semester taking into account the rapid spread and unpredictability of COVID-19.

Furthermore, all outside group meetings, conferences and events are canceled through the end of the month. This includes the men’s basketball game on March 17.
Students are strongly encouraged to return home for spring break. There is also a recommendation to bring your textbooks and study materials in the event you are requested to study through an alternative method.

CBU’s business operations will remain open during normal business hours.
Students are asked to frequently check their campus email and calbaptist.edu/news/cbu_update_coronavirus_1 for the latest campus updates and information regarding CBU’s plan moving forward.



Coronavirus update: 3/11/2020:

California Baptist University continues to monitor the developments of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). It is important to note that there are no reported or suspected cases of COVID-19 on campus. While there are several confirmed cases of coronavirus in Riverside County, there are no confirmed cases in the City of Riverside. 

The emergence of new cases of COVID-19 within the county has increased concerns within the CBU campus community. University leadership reaffirms its commitment to protecting the well-being of the Lancer Nation and working to ensure a safe campus environment.

University leadership is in regular communication with the Riverside County Public Health Department and the California Department of Public Health. Neither agency has recommended that CBU discontinue on-site classes or on-campus events. Therefore, classes and events that are planned for the next 30 days will go on as scheduled. This includes all CBU athletic events.  Currently, the only exception is Grandparents Day, which has been canceled.

CBU understands this is a fluid situation and university leadership from across campus is convening regularly to monitor developments and identify steps that may be needed in the foreseeable future. As with any crisis that can change quickly and without warning, the university’s response to COVID-19 will be flexible, thorough and evidence based.

COVID-19 Facts

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states the COVID-19 is a respiratory illness that is spread through human-to-human transmission—including sneezing, coughing or close contact. The complete analysis regarding COVID-19 is not fully known, however, the information so far suggests that most illness arising from COVID-19 is mild. Older individuals and those suffering from severe underlying health conditions seem to be at risk of developing more serious effects of the virus.

The CDC states: “For the majority of people, the immediate risk of being exposed to the virus that causes COVID-19 is thought to be low. There is not widespread circulation in most communities in the United States.”

The risk of contracting the virus is higher for people in places where ongoing community spread of the virus has been reported. Individuals who have come into close contact with persons with the COVID-19 and travelers returning from restricted areas are also at an elevated risk of exposure. The risk of contracting COVID-19 is strongly correlated to location of an outbreak.

Source: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/summary.html#risk-assessment

Preventative measures

The CDC recommends practicing vigilant hygiene measures in addition to avoiding contact with sick individuals to avoid the transmission of the disease.

To help implement these recommendations, CBU will conduct deeper cleans on campus, particularly in student housing areas, eateries and classrooms. Additionally, there is a food delivery program for students as needed. Please contact Student Services at 951.343.4217 for more information or to request a delivery. CBU is also in the process of ordering a large supply of non-perishable food as precautionary measure.

University leadership also urges faculty members, staff and students to stay home if they are feeling ill. Here are some recommendations from the CDC on how you monitor your symptoms:

  • Symptoms compatible with COVID-19 include fever, cough or difficulty breathing.
  • If people feel feverish or develop a cough or difficulty breathing, they should take their temperature, self-isolate, limit contact with others, and seek advice by telephone from a healthcare provider to determine whether medical evaluation is needed.

In a worst-case scenario, CBU has identified quarantined housing areas for students who have either been confirmed to carry the COVID-19 or suspected of coming in contact with a person with the COVID-19.

Travel Restrictions

CBU has been and will continue to monitor travel within its community and take precautionary measures when deemed necessary. Therefore, CBU is continuing to enforce travel restrictions for its faculty members, staff and students for Alert Level 2 and 3 areas according to the CDC. 

If you have traveled outside the U.S. in the past month or plan to travel abroad, please let our Student Services office know at 351-343-4217.

Community response

The continued vigilance of everyone is important to minimize the potential impact this virus and other diseases can have on the campus community. As CBU leadership strives to foster a safe campus environment, everyone’s participation is encouraged, and we thank you in advance for all you do to keep our campus community safe.


Coronavirus update: 3/3/2020:

CBU is closely monitoring the developments of the coronavirus (COVID-19). It is important to note that there are no confirmed cases or suspected cases on campus. The risks associated with catching the COVID-19 in the U.S. are still minimal.

With that said, CBU is aware of the growing public concerns for the COVID-19. To address concerns, CBU has been in contact with the Riverside County Health Department Center for Disease Control to monitor their responses to the virus. Additionally, CBU is forming a COVID-19 task force that will meet frequently to discuss the developments surrounding the COVID-19. The group will also keep the CBU community aware of the important information associated with the virus.

CBU is also continuing to enforce travel restrictions for its faculty members, staff and students that now include Alert Level 2 and 3 areas according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

Tracking travel abroad

As a cautionary measure, CBU would like to keep track of our community’s recent travels. If you have traveled outside the U.S. in the past month or plan to travel abroad, please let our Student Services office know at 951-343-4217.

Our continued alertness is important to reduce the potential impact this virus and other diseases can have on the campus community. As we strive to foster a safe campus environment, we encourage everyone’s participation and we thank you in advance for all you do to keep our campus community safe.


According to the CDC, the COVID-19 virus is a respiratory illness that is spread through human-to-human transmission―including sneezing, coughing or close contact. 

In reported illnesses, patients have had symptoms such as:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath


Contact the CBU Wellness Center or your healthcare professional if you develop any of these symptoms. Please note that we are experiencing a strong flu season that has similar symptoms. You are more likely to catch the flu than the COVID-19 virus.

*Preventative measures against respiratory illnesses include:

  • Flu shot
  • Good hygiene – by washing your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth frequently

*The previous information was taken from the CDC website.



Coronavirus update: 1/31/2020:

California Baptist University is carefully monitoring the Novel Coronavirus 2019 that originated in China and has spread to numerous other countries including the United States. Public Health information at the local, state and national levels indicate the CBU community currently is not at risk of infection. CBU has suspended travel to China and is identifying members of the campus community who have been in China since the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus 2019 so that appropriate measures can be taken if needed to limit exposure.




Additional Information

For additional information please see the following links provided by the Riverside County Department of Health: