• August 24, 2016

CBU To Offer First-Of-Its-Kind Comedic Arts Program

Riverside, Calif. (May 24, 2016) – Starting in the fall, California Baptist University is set to offer students the opportunity for four years of continuous laughs. The College of Arts and Science will offer the first Christian-based Bachelor of Arts in Comedic Arts program in the U.S.

Students will be trained to produce family friendly entertainment to land careers in comedy, film, TV or as live performers.

John Pate, communication department chair and assistant professor of communication, said that several factors led to the program's development. First, current trends indicate that TV production is going away from reality-based scripts and more toward family programming. Additionally, individuals that seek a career in Hollywood have an opportunity to gain training and develop a career plan near the "entertainment capital of the world."

Pate noted that CBU's theatre arts major already has produced successful careers in the entertainment field, stemming from successful internships, which the comedic arts program will seek to replicate.

"CBU's program will be the closest university to Hollywood for students to be able to earn [a comedic arts] degree," Pate said. "Our program will create an educational experience that incorporates a ministry component and will help students develop family entertainment."

The program is a 36-unit major. Courses range from Pantomime, Commedia and Physical Comedy to Comedy Sketch Writing for Entertainment. The program also includes a course on ‘Comedy in Christian Ministries' that instructs students on the use of comic techniques to encourage individuals to progress toward "Christ-likeness."

Pate, who has more than 30 years of performing experience in the entertainment industry, including opening up for stand-up comedy acts such as Red Skelton and Jay Leno, will also be an instructor in the program.  

"I tell students that if you produce clean work, you can work forever," he said. "Because I did clean work, I got a lot of work. Comics want to perform after clean routines." 

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