• August 24, 2016

CBU Students Affirmed For Professionalism

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (April 27, 2016) —Three behavioral science students at California Baptist University received commendation for their "professional dependability," during their internships at the Riverside County Department of Veterans Services (RCDVS).

Dr. Jacqueline Gustafson, dean of the School of Behavioral Sciences, recently received an appreciative letter from retired Col. Mark Earley, who is now the director of the RCDVS, for students Priscilla Contreras, Emily Erickson and Nick Slayman.

"All three are experts at task management, setting priorities and getting complex tasks done effectively in a limited period of time," wrote Earley. "They are all solutions oriented employees and any one of them individually is capable to serve within a business organization."

During their internships, the students worked in the outreach department at RCDVS to create awareness for the agency by networking, developing business presentations and creating a social media presence.

"Through their efforts, the outreach program has grown from just a handful of organizations to more than 150 area businesses," Earley wrote.

Erickson, a sociology senior with a concentration in counseling ministry, said she plans to pursue a career that involves her working with veterans or active duty military personnel and their families.

"I really enjoyed my internship at the [RCDVS]," Erickson said. "One of the areas that I have learned while interning is the importance of involving the community as a whole to recognize and support veterans."

Gustafson said that in a conversation with Earley, he expressed his desire to continue working with CBU students for both internships and employment opportunities.

"Completing an internship through the School of Behavioral Sciences is a great way to gain real-world experience by applying the constructs learned in the classroom while serving the community and impacting change, especially for underserved populations," Gustafson said. "In many cases, these type of internships also lead to career opportunities following graduation."