• August 24, 2016

CBU Staffer, Alumna Performs National Anthem At Lakers Game

Riverside, Calif. (April 4, 2016) – Morgan Teruel ('14), career counselor at California Baptist University, shone brightly to the applause of more than 18,000 cheering fans as she performed the national anthem at the Los Angeles Lakers game on April 3. 

Teruel, who often leads worship at Sandals Church in Riverside, graduated from CBU with a bachelor's degree in music education. She credits her many concert performances as a student with giving her the ability to sing before audiences.                   

Although she had never performed in front of an audience as large as a Lakers game, Teruel said God gave her the courage she needed for the occasion.

"I felt good about the overall performance. I'm always self-critical of little mistakes or sounds that did not come out the way I hoped or prepared for," Teruel said. "I felt like God gave me the confidence and strength I needed at that moment to fully be present and enjoy the anthem and the opportunity."

Teruel said she is always interested in opportunities to develop her singing talent. 

"I'm trying to be a faithful steward of my gift, even if that means trying to take a risk like singing the national anthem."

Last summer Teruel sought help among her CBU "family" to create an a cappella promotional recording of the national anthem. She reached out to Bryan Engle, assistant athletic director for facilities/game management, and he offered her the opportunity to record her promo at the James W. Totman Baseball Stadium. Jonathan Nyquist, an adjunct professor of graphic design at CBU, helped produce the recording that afforded Teruel a chance to visualize performing in a stadium setting.

Teruel sent the finished product to several professional teams in hopes of landing an opportunity to sing the national anthem at a sporting event.

Lisa Estrada, vice president of entertainment and facilities for the Los Angeles Lakers, said she had a musical talent cancel before Sunday's Lakers game and that Teruel was the next person on the list to call. 

Teruel gladly accepted the invitation, which also included courtside tickets for seating near celebrity athletes David Beckham and Floyd Mayweather.

"It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life so far and I feel immensely grateful for the opportunity," Teruel said.