• August 24, 2016

CBU Speaker Talks of Being An Artist For God

The Rev. Dr. Byron Spradlin, president of Artists in Christian Testimony International (ACT), told California Baptist University students, "The Bible says that there is a very important role for the artistic person."

The College of Architecture, Visual Arts and Design hosted Spradlin for its Arts and Missions Lecture Series on Feb 15. His lecture focused on imagination as it pertains to people and their relation to God and ministry.  

"I'm trying to encourage you to move forward in your studies and also catch a vision for how God has made you," Spradlin said.

Spradlin, whose ACT ministry seeks to equip artistic and innovative ministries for missionaries work around the world, said that artists have an excess of imaginal intelligence (relating to imagination or images).

While all humans have the capacity for imagination, Spradlin said some are "unusually wise at imaginative design or expression." That gift of imagination and artistry was given by God and should be used for His glory.                                                                                    

Spradlin said when we use art for God's glory the artist can also show what beauty and virtue look like.

"Whether you are dealing in an organized church setting … or are working in a mainstream context, you are bringing a dynamic of beauty and the dynamic of virtue into that reality."