• August 24, 2016

CBU Sends Out Season?S Final Wave of Service Project Teams

Riverside, Calif. (June 21, 2016) – California Baptist University sent out the final wave of International Service Projects, United States Projects and Summer of Service teams from June 12 - June 20.

Seven teams departed from CBU to serve in Southeast Asia, Kosovo, Japan, Russia, South Africa and Spain. The teams join 12 others serving in Central Asia, Thailand, Japan, Germany, Spain and Canada. This summer marks the 20th year of CBU's flagship mobilization efforts, with more than 300 volunteers comprising 37 teams serving in 17 countries.

Jeff Lewis, interim director of the Office of Mobilization, reminded friends and families of the teams leaving on June 20, of the importance of the Great Commission at CBU.

"It's part of who we are as a university. It's infused and integrated into everything that we are and everything that we do," he said. "Our prayer is that [this experience for the students] will help them develop a vision for the rest of their lives."

Lewis sees these service opportunities as one part of the students' overall development at CBU.

"Hopefully, within their academic journey here at CBU they're not just learning about their discipline, but they're learning about how their discipline can be used around the world," Lewis said.

Teams will serve in a variety of roles such as conducting sports camps, teaching English, interacting with students from elementary to college, building latrines, and assisting in medical clinics as well as helping and encouraging fieldworkers in locations around the world.