• August 24, 2016

CBU President Urges Restoring Maximum Cal Grant Awards To Pre-Recession Levels

RIVERSIDE, CALIF. (March 8, 2016) -- In a letter to the chair of a California Assembly budget subcommittee and other legislative leaders, Dr. Ronald L. Ellis has urged restoring maximum Cal Grant for students attending the state's private, non-profit colleges and universities.

The California Baptist University president called on lawmakers to repeal all previous and pending reductions to the Cal Grant maximum award for students who attend a private, nonprofit college or university in California. He said the recommended action would restore the Cal Grant for students in the private, nonprofit sector to pre-recessionary levels of $9,708. Currently, the average award for those students is $8,800.

Ellis cited significant savings to the state resulting from Cal Grants awarded to students at private, non-profit schools compared with larger awards to students enrolled at the University of California and California State University systems.

"In other words, the State saves money by helping more Cal Grant students access a private nonprofit college or university," Ellis said.

Click here to read the entire text of the CBU president's letter.