Statement by CBU President condemning violence and white nationalism

Riverside, Calif. (Feb. 9, 2021) – Since the tragic and deadly events of January 6, 2021, when a mob stormed the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., photos have circulated showing one participant wearing a face covering bearing registered marks of California Baptist University. The photos were made at a demonstration attended by the Proud Boys, described as a violent, neo-fascist, white nationalist organization that earlier this month was labeled a terrorist group by the government of Canada.

On behalf of California Baptist University, I state without hesitation that CBU unequivocally condemns violence and unlawful action including the riot at the Capitol. Additionally, CBU emphatically denounces white nationalism and all other expressions of racist, extremist beliefs.

California Baptist University neither teaches nor supports such beliefs or behavior. Moreover, CBU strongly disavows the misleading and unauthorized use of its marks by persons involved in activities associated with violent extremism. I assure you, this fraudulent misuse of CBU marks in no way represents this institution or the overwhelming majority of the Lancer Nation.

To the contrary, the vision of CBU as “a University Committed to the Great Commission” is unalterably linked to the Great Commandment and Christ’s admonition to “love your neighbor as yourself.” These are the enduring values that CBU stands for and that will continue to guide and inspire all that we do.


Ronald L. Ellis, Ph.D.
California Baptist University