• August 24, 2016

CBU Opens Flight School For Aviation Science Program

RIVERSIDE (Sept. 19, 2013)—California Baptist University's aviation science program has expanded to include its own flight school, according to Dr. Daniel Prather, chair of the department of aviation science.

"We made the decision to offer flight instruction, because it gives us control of the quality of flight training," Prather explained. "We have our own Christian flight instructors, our own aircraft and oversight of the whole operation, including maintenance of the planes. That gives us complete control of the flight school and enables us to conduct training exactly like we know it should be done."

The aviation science program opened this fall with 23 students. Eleven are concentrating on the flight portion of the program, while 12 more are studying aviation management. Flight students begin flying the aircraft this week.

"This fall, students will be flying four times per week," Prather said. "In the spring, we'll go to a more typical three times per week." He explained that acquiring the planes and the instructors have taken time at the beginning of the semester, so the four times per week makes up for the time students may have missed during this phase of program development.

Prather said CBU has acquired three Cessna 172 single engine planes that will be used in the flight school as well as the CBU aviation science program. Staffing will include Maria LeBlanc, chief flight instructor, and four part-time flight instructors.

The flight school will operate six days per week, Monday through Saturday.