• August 24, 2016

CBU Hosts Music Festival For International Guests

Riverside, Calif. (January 29, 2016) – Aspiring musicians from China were welcomed at California Baptist University to participate in the second International Music Festival on Jan. 28-29.

"The festival is a good-will event, an expansion of musical flair and an opportunity to open the doors for international students to further their musical aspirations," said Dr. Larry Linamen, vice president for global initiatives at CBU. "The music festival also provides cultural enrichment for all involved."

The Chinese guests arrived on Jan. 28 and got a glimpse into the lives of CBU music students. The visitors attended a music class, practiced their musical skills and attended practice sessions of various CBU music groups.

The following day nearly a dozen of the international guests participated in competitions against CBU students in a variety of instrumental and vocal fields.  

CBU music faculty judged the competition, and participants were given valuable feedback on their performances. The winners received 1st and 2nd place awards. The other participants received honorable mention certificates.