• August 30, 2016

CBU Honors Distinguished Professor, Scholar and Staff of The Year

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (May 5, 2015) -- California Baptist University honored two faculty and a staff member on April 30 during its annual faculty and staff awards banquet.

CBU's board of trustees each year selects the Distinguished Professor and Distinguished Scholar award recipients.

Dr. Elizabeth A. Morris, professor of education for Online and Professional Studies (OPS), was named Distinguished Professor, a faculty member who has established a record of distinguished service to CBU.

"I was honored and humbled," she said. "Many of the names who have been given this award before me were my professors, mentors, administrators and friends.  I think that is a great testament to those who are part of where I am today.  

Morris has been at CBU for 17 years and has taught various math courses, childhood core courses and education courses at the master's level.

"I am thankful every day for the gift of teaching that God has given me," she said. "I continually pray for the opportunity to make a difference for my students, to ease math anxiety, to empower my students to succeed, and to inspire those who want to be teachers."

Dr. Andrew Herrity, professor of business and entrepreneurship, was named Distinguished Scholar. His proposal is to research and write a book that would address two related challenges: few students in business flourish in Christ and few business graduates flourish in Christ in the first years after graduation.

Herrity has taught at CBU for 22 years and his classes have included business policy and entrepreneurship.

"The recognition from the university affirms that the book project is a good direction, and that encourages me," he said. "My hope is to help every student in my courses develop in his or her God-given talents for thriving in work and contributing as problem-solvers."

Robert Shields, online learning systems administrator for OPS, was named Employee of the Year. CBU's Executive Council selects the Employee of the Year recipient from those staff members who have been named employees of the month during the year. Any employee may submit a nomination for employee of the month to that employee's supervisor.

Shields' job includes providing support and training for the Blackboard learning management system and providing help desk support for students, faculty and staff in OPS.

"Technology changes so quickly, and everyone has different needs when it comes to using technology," Shields said about his job and helping others. "I don't think there's a really one size fits all when it comes to providing technology support. I try to listen to what the needs of each person are and provide a solution that best fits the situation based on a person's business needs and skill set."