• August 24, 2016

CBU Dean Says Transformational Leadership Is Key To Change

RIVERSIDE (Feb. 5, 2014) --"Change is not executed very well," said Dr. Franco Gandolfi, dean of the Dr. Robert K. Jabs School of Business at California Baptist University. "We don't really understand it."

Gandolfi was the featured speaker at the Leadership and Change seminar titled How can you increase your odds of successful change in the workplace?, hosted by CBU's graduate program in leadership studies.

He contended that two major problems exist when organizations are confronted with change:  first, the vast majority of change initiatives fail and, second, that change is an over-researched and widely misunderstood concept.

Gandolfi quoted Peter Drucker, a management consultant and author, who said "the greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence; it is to act with yesterday's logic."

Change is a constant, Gandolfi said, but change and transformation are not necessarily the same thing: change can be disruptive, but transformational change can be a stimulus to the organization. The key is to be the type of leader who inspires transformation.

"Once you have been transformed, you are a new entity, and you can't ever go back," he said. "So the question is: are you a transformational leader?"

CBU's School of Education offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in leadership. The Leadership Seminar Series is a community service event free to the public and is hosted simultaneously live and online.

The next seminar in the series is titled Ethical principles for leaders: navigating wicked problems and is scheduled for June 2 at 7 p.m.