• August 24, 2016

CBU Crowns Intramural Flag Football Champions At The Fortuna Bowl

Riverside, Calif. (Nov. 9, 2015) – Out of the 28 California Baptist University intramural flag football teams that started at the beginning of the year, the last four standing faced off on Nov 7. Bombshell captured the Fortuna Bowl championship trophy on the women's side and Goon Squad on the men's side. An estimated 4,500 spectators turned out for the two games.

In the women's game, Bombshell, a first-year squad, defeated The Bus Drivers, 6-0, denying The Bus Drivers back-to-back championships. 

"The desire to play our best brings us together," said Monica Overton, a freshman applied theology major and a team captain for Bombshell. Overton was named most valuable player of the game as she scored the only touchdown.

Overton said her team set out to build community, work together and also keep their hearts on glorifying God on and off the field.

"That has brought us close and kept us close, as not just a team, but as a family," Overton said.

The men's match-up pitted Goon Squad, a third-year team, against Fruit of the Boom, which lost in last year's championship game.

The game turned into a marathon with five overtime periods. A break midway through the final overtime period allowed the fireworks show to take place as the game had gone longer than anticipated. When play resumed, Goon Squad scored the last touchdown and came out on top, 18-12.

"I think we have bonded very well (this season). It has been difficult for us because most of the team are commuters and transfer students so we all have very different schedules. But when we are together, it's always been a good time," said Michael Castillo, a senior healthcare administration major and Goon Squad team captain.