• August 24, 2016

CBU Celebrates Black History Month With Artistic Event

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (Feb. 19, 2016) –Students celebrated the cultural influences of African-Americans at California Baptist University in observance of Black History Month on Feb 18.

The United Club, comprising CBU students that promote culture diversity on campus, hosted the second annual event with Community Life at the James L. Stamps Foundation Courtyard.  

"We students can be united in Christ," said Grayson Bell, United Club president and a senior public relation major. "However, we have many different cultural backgrounds at CBU and we want to celebrate those differences."

The event explored various expressions of art, poetry, songs and speeches that showcase the diversity within African-American culture. Students took turns singing, reading poetry or explaining what Black History Month means to them.

"We want this event to celebrate the diversity of our campus, acknowledging that, like our country, we are a melting pot of life experiences and cultures," said Rory Todd, club advisor of United and a residence director at The Village.

Todd said that this event helps connect students to Black History Month.

"Black History Month provides opportunities to discuss openly and celebrate African-American culture. We want to strive for understanding and appreciation for others," he said. 

Bell said that the club seeks to honor the different types of cultures on campus by organizing different events throughout the year.