• August 24, 2016

CBU Campus Newspaper Wins Third National Recognition

RIVERSIDE (May 22, 2013)—The Banner, campus newspaper of California Baptist University, was named the second best overall Christian college newspaper in the inaugural Advisors of Christian Collegiate Media awards announced May 18.

The contest, held in conjunction with the annual "Awards of Excellence" competition run by the Evangelical Press Association (EPA), evaluates overall excellence in student publications throughout the United States and Canada. 

"We are honored to be in the company of such outstanding student publications," said Dr. Michael Chute, program director for journalism and public relations programs and faculty advisor for The Banner. "Our staff is thrilled that their hard work has been recognized by such a strong journalistic organization as the EPA."

Other newspapers honored for overall excellence included the Taylor University Echo (first place), the Liberty Champion from Liberty University (third place), the Union University Cardinal div id = "rssurl" style = "display:none"> https://www.calbaptist.edu/dashboard/page_importer/export/