• August 30, 2016

CBU and Zhejiang Medical College Enter Partnership

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (June 26, 2014) -- California Baptist University and Zhejiang Medical College in China are collaborating on a program that can help Chinese students obtain a degree in health care.   

Dr. Larry Linamen, vice president of global initiatives, recently signed the document in a formal ceremony in China.

"This is the first program we've had that the government of China has approved," Linamen said. "It is a big step for us because there is a tremendous amount of paperwork in getting these projects formally approved."

Students will attend Zhejiang Medical College for three years and will continue their studies at CBU for two years. Upon completion, students will receive a Bachelor of Science degree in healthcare administration from California Baptist University.

CBU is recruiting students entering Zhejiang this fall, so those students would start attending CBU in 2017, said Dr. Charles Sands, dean of CBU's College of Allied Health.

The program provides opportunities for international students who graduate to return to China with newly obtained skills. It also gives CAH faculty an opportunity to teach in China. Beginning next year, one or two CBU faculty members will teach in China for about a month.