• August 20, 2016

Cavad Faculty, Students Take Learning To The Desert

Riverside, Calif. (Oct. 21, 2015) – California Baptist University faculty and students recently headed to the desert to get a different view for their camera lenses.

Forty students from the College of Architecture, Visual Arts and Design along with eight faculty took a road trip to the Salton Sea and the Glamis Sand Dunes Oct. 16-18. This is the third trip the students in the photography, graphic design and digital media programs have visited the desert.

The trip helps the students get out of the classroom and build their portfolios, said Michael Berger, assistant professor in the graphic design and digital media program.

"They have to learn how to create their own shot," Berger said. "It's a challenge for them. It's a beautiful space, but it's a different landscape."

That landscape included sand dunes, dilapidated buildings, a lake and a dry lake bed. The students photographed a sunrise, a sunset, a distant lightning storm and the stars.

Colton von Pertz, a graphic design and digital media major, was part of the group that took photographs of the sun rising over the sand dunes.

"After getting out there before dawn, setting up our cameras in the perfect spot, we could do nothing but marvel at God's creation as the sun came over the horizon," he said. "Getting the opportunity to spend a weekend in nature, exploring and taking photos was amazing."

Spencer Findlay, a sophomore majoring in graphic design and digital media, said he looked forward to obtaining more hands-on experiences.

"I learned how to be more independent with my photography," Findlay said. "This trip taught me to challenge myself and try to get the shot that others did not."

Trever Hoehne, assistant professor in the photography program, said the experience is priceless for the students.

"The portfolios that the students make from this trip are quite impressive," Hoehne said. "Portfolios are key in this industry and we put a lot of work into making sure the students graduate with powerful images."