• August 31, 2016

2015 Long Night of Arts Innovation to FeatureCBU Faculty, Students

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (Oct. 5, 2015) -- California Baptist University faculty and students will showcase their talents and demonstrate accomplishments in arts and sciences during the City of Riverside Long Night of Arts & Innovation scheduled Thursday, Oct. 8.

The Long Night of Arts & Innovation will be held from 5 p.m. to midnight in downtown Riverside. This year's event will include science, technology, engineering and creative art projects from CBU as well as other local universities, school districts and organizations.

CBU exhibits will include:

Dr. Jong-Wha Bai, associate professor of civil engineering -- "Smart Structures: Seismic Risk Monitoring Using a Sensor Network" -- A sensor network can monitor the real-time seismic risk of structural systems during an earthquake. This technology will be shown using a small‐scale shaking table complete with model buildings.

Dr. Anthony Donaldson, dean of the Gordon and Jill Bourns College of Engineering, and students -- "3D Printing Live" -- Demonstrations of 3D printers with posters explaining the types, uses, and future of this technology.

Dr. Rod Foist, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering -- "Electronic Design of Pong Video game -- Interactive Demo" -- Modern electronic design includes a technology called Field‐Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs). In this interactive demo, an FPGA "ship" on a circuit board is programmed with the classic Pong game and is connected to a monitor.

Dr. Seung‐Jae Kim -- "Feel & Challenge Your Balance" -- Balance is not a simple process of the human body. This balance exhibit consists of a force plate which enables the participant's center of pressure to be dynamically measured and displayed on a computer screen.

Dr. Diedrich Prigge, assistant professor of construction management -- "Temperature Gradient Wall, Interactive Building Wall" -- See how a thermographic scanner and temperature sensors will allow people to see how heat is transferred through a building wall based on materials and techniques used. A second display wall will allow people to see inside a typical wall in their home and explain each piece of the different mechanical systems.

Dr. Matthew Rickard, associate professor of bioengineering -- "Hidden Worlds: High Speed Imaging of Exciting Physical Phenomena in Engineering" -- Using a high-speed imaging system capable of 17,000 frames per second, this live demonstration will reveal some hidden phenomena occurring in just microseconds that can only be seen with cutting-edge imaging technology.

Engineering students -- "Robot Demonstration," a demonstration of NAO robot (featured in promotional video for this year's program).

Dr. Dayna Herrera, assistant professor of nursing, and Melissa Marshall, assistant professor of nursing -- "The Art of Auscultation" -- Cardiac auscultation is both science and art. When used properly, the stethoscope remains a valuable and cost‐effective clinical tool that often enables many well‐trained and experienced cardiac auscultators to make a rapid and accurate cardiac diagnosis. Participants will be able to listen to a heart, lungs and bowels using a disposable stethoscope (that they can keep).

Dr. Geneva Oaks, dean of the School of Nursing and Dr. Susan Drummond, associate dean -- "Innovations in Learning" -- Shifting educational trends for young professionals have necessitated innovative teaching strategies focused on highly technical learners and real life application. This presentation will highlight effective motivational tools that engage a new generation of learners.

Sarah Horn, music adjunct -- "Be Ready" -- The tale of an overnight YouTube sensation. Lessons learned from a surprise performance at Hollywood Bowl.

At the CBU Gallery on Main Street, an exhibition titled "Unlikely Visitors" features work by faculty from the College of Architecture, Visual Arts and Design.

Admission to the Long Night of Arts & Innovation is free and open to the public. For more information, including exhibit locations, visit the website at www.longnightriverside.com.