The University Tutoring Center (UTC) illuminates student learning through services and resources needed to achieve academic independence, confidence, and success.   


  1. Provide academic support through tutoring, coaching, mentoring, and educational workshops
  2. Increase student success in historically challenging undergraduate lower-division courses
  3. Support online students with video tutorials, email feedback, and virtual appointments
  4. Empower students to academic success by helping them build time-management, note-taking, study, and test-taking skills
  5. Provide a safe and welcoming environment for learning


  1. One-on-one tutoring (in-person and online)
  2. Drop-in Tutoring 
  3. Academic Mentoring
  4. Make-up Exam Proctoring



Contact the Tutoring Center

Phone: (951) 343-4349

Lancer Arms 54
8432 Magnolia Avenue
Riverside, CA 92504

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