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Student Care



College life can be hard.

For this reason, Student Care exists to provide students with individualized, collaborative care that promotes academic success and personal well-being. We believe that each student has been created by God with a unique purpose, and our primary goal is to walk alongside students through any circumstances that impact their college experience. These circumstances include, but certainly are not limited to, unexpected life events, personal crises, illness or injury, hospitalization, loss of a loved one, and mental health challenges. Student Care acts as a bridge between students and the wider CBU community, coordinating on- and off-campus resources for students and working to ensure that each student feels seen and supported.

The Student Care staff is also available to assist Students who are experiencing significant (physical and mental) health challenges that may prevent the successful completion of classes. In these situations, the Student Care staff can assist in determining if a Voluntary Medical Withdrawal may be appropriate.

Student Care is located within the Student Support Suite in Lancer Plaza.



Student Care collaborates with other on-campus offices to ensure students receive well-rounded, intentional care. Below, you will find descriptions of the offices we work closest with and links to their webpages.

Student Care’s main priority is the mental and spiritual health of our students. With this in mind, we work closely with the CBU Counseling Center to provide well-rounded and intentional care for students. The Counseling Center provides students with one-on-one therapy sessions that are tailored to their unique needs by our accomplished team of therapists. Click the link below to learn more and schedule an appointment.

Counseling Center

Student Care works with the Office of Disability Services to assist students who need academic and housing accommodations. We want every student at CBU to succeed, and our Disability Services team helps make that happen. Click the link below to view their webpage and get more information about requesting accommodations.

Office of Disability Services

Student Care works with the Office of Academic Advising and its well-equipped team of Student Success Coaches that make it up. The office’s main purpose is to develop strategies for student success through a cooperative teaching and learning experience. Student Success Coaches provide students with help in academic planning, registration and scheduling assistance, and helps with petition requests for undergraduate and graduate students. The Office of Academic Advising is available to assist with questions and connect students to CBU resources that will help them excel. Click the link below to visit their webpage and find your Student Success Coach.

Office of Academic Advising

Student Care works with Spiritual Life because we value the transformation that spiritual guidance brings to challenging circumstances. As a community rooted in Christ, we want students to seek Jesus, the gentle and humble Shepherd, in times of suffering. We rely on our Spiritual Life team as they are equipped to readily walk alongside students and guide them toward Jesus during difficult seasons and trials. Click the link to visit their webpage and learn more about Spiritual Life groups.

Office of Spiritual Life

Student Care works with the Title IX office and our Title IX coordinator to ensure that the CBU campus remains an environment that is free of discrimination on the basis of sex, including all forms of sexual misconduct. CBU considers sex discrimination and sexual misconduct in all forms to be a serious offense. As such, if any cases arise that require intervention from our Title IX office, Student Care follows up with students who have been victimized or harassed to provide resources and support. Additionally, Student Care works with the Title IX office to support pregnant students and ensure that each woman’s unique needs are met throughout their pregnancies. Student Care helps pregnant students communicate with professors regarding absences, delivery dates, and recovery times. Additionally, Student Care will work with the Title IX office to ensure that all Title IX regulations are being met for each pregnant student. Visit our Title IX office’s webpage to learn more.

Title IX

Student Care also helps coordinate off-campus resources for students who need support that lies outside of CBU’s scope. Below, you will find links to off-campus resources including Feeding America’s food pantry finder, the CalFresh application for students, and homeless shelter lists.

Below is the link to Feeding America’s food pantry map. Simply type in your address, and the map will show you food pantries closest to you!

Click Here

CalFresh is a program that grants Californians who struggle to afford groceries a monthly allowance to help pay for them. Below, you will find the link to the CalFresh student application. Follow the prompts on the webpage to apply, and feel free to call our office with any questions.

Click Here

Below is the link to a PDF with a list of Riverside County homeless shelters. Please feel free to call our office with any questions.

Click Here

Below is the link to San Bernardino County’s Homeless Resource Guide. Please feel free to call our office with any questions.

Click Here

Contact Student Care

Phone: (951) 552-8100
Fax: (951) 552-8014
Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. *
*The office closes at 4pm on Fridays during the summer months.

Lancer Plaza Suite 140
8432 Magnolia Avenue
Riverside, CA 92504