Study Abroad

CBU Signature Programs

California Baptist University has partnered with like-minded organizations such as Veritas and Living and Learning International to develop quality study abroad experiences for our students. These programs offer students opportunities for service, discipleship, deepening of faith, and cultural and academic engagement in an international setting. Students enjoy the support and extraordinary care of overseas teams in each of the program locations. The program locations have been selected based on safety, academics, and affordability for students. CBU Signature Programs are also unique in that the courses offered overseas are pre-approved by the home institution, making the process of transferring credits from study abroad much smoother for students.

*Note: The programs available are subject to change. Current students, please see InsideCBU for the latest information.

Study Exchange Programs

With study abroad through exchange, students are sent directly to a partner university. This can sometimes be more convenient than going through a third-party provider. Students pay CBU's tuition and cover room/board, food and other expenses, just like they would during a normal semester at CBU. Another benefit of exchange is that institutional aid and scholarships apply to tuition, unlike many study abroad opportunities through third-party providers. The exchange option offers a much wider variety of courses and programs than traditional study abroad through third-party providers. Typically, courses are also pre-approved by the University Registrar, saving students time with the evaluation process from the university.

*Note: The programs available are subject to change. Current students, please see InsideCBU for the latest information.

Faculty-Led Programs

Faculty-Led Group Experiences are experiential learning opportunities that integrate academic curriculum with community engagement globally and help students gain a better understanding of their discipline through ongoing, structured reflection during the off-campus experience and after they return to campus. Many of these experiences, while based on certain disciplines, are open to students from all majors. Trips average 1 to 2 weeks, with the longest running for a month. The trip sizes vary; anywhere from 5 to 40 students. There were 22+ faculty-led experiences planned for the 2019-2020 academic year, and many more are being developed for future years.

*Note: Below are a few programs that CBU has offered. Some programs may not be offered this academic year. Current students can refer to InsideCBU for more information.

Peru Eco Tour 
The Peru eco tour-based experience will be 9 days and provides students of all majors with an understanding of both theory and practical applications of concepts surrounding international ecotourism. Students will interact with the local communities and learn about being responsible tourists and stewards of the natural world.

Criminal Justice in London
Join the College of Arts and Sciences on a program to London, England! During this academic study tour, you will learn about criminal justice and forensic psychology related activities, focusing on police, courts, corrections functions in England. Students in the criminal behavior course will visit London and tour the old Bailey courthouse, attend a court hearing, visit the Jack the Ripper location, tour the house of parliament, and participate in a forensic psychology workshop. 

CAVAD in Italy
Travel to Florence, Venice, and Rome with the Architecture Department. This program is integral to the successful completion of the M.Arch. program at CBU. This is an intensive, multi-week academic study of the architecture and urbanism of Italy through readings, discussion and observational/analytical sketching. 

Nursing in Thailand
Join the College of Nursing on this special experience to Chiang Klang, Thailand. A handful of students will enjoy this nursing practicum overseas. As part of the Thailand Community Health International Immersion experience, nursing students travel to Thailand and serve marginalized communities. Enrollment in a course is required before traveling to Thailand. For spring and summer travel to Thailand, students should register for NUR 430, Transcultural Patterns of Health. For summer travel, students should register for NUR 421, Community and Public Health Nursing Clinical. 

Global Health Engagement
The College of Health Science at California Baptist University is dedicated to seeking out opportunities for global engagement and partnerships. These international partnerships allow for unique educational programs and research collaboration.

School of Business in Oxford
The CBU School of Business offers an international studies trip to Oxford, England from July to August. Students will enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime academic and cultural experience, in a truly exceptional setting at Oxford University, with visits to many points of interest including: London, Shakespeare’s birthplace, Roman Baths, Windsor Castle and Blenheim Castle. 

Aviation Department: Missionary Flights to Mexico
Students will fly N944CB C-172 aircraft with supplies to missionaries in San Quintin, Baja California, Mexico to support missionary and ministry efforts there. The trips are executed on Saturdays and will take off from Redlands airport KREI. Our C-172 will fly from KRAL to KREI and then to the airfield in Mexico. It will return that night to KRAL. A CBU flight instructor and student will fly the aircraft.

Global Practicum Courses

Global Practicums are courses that allow students to opt into a global experience that includes observation, practice, and discipline-driven service to provide students with opportunities to apply skills learned throughout the semester in an international context. Students receive credit for their experience and pay a fee that covers the cost of the international trip, logistical details, and more. All international, academic faculty-led travel should be tied to a global practicum or academic program requirement.