In the event of an emergency, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room


Psychiatric Hospitals and Urgent Care

Child Abuse

Domestic Violence

Sexual Assault


  • Veterans Crisis Line (800) 273-8255 Connects veterans in crisis, their families, and friends with qualified and caring Department of Veterans Affairs responders


Psychological Assessments


Body Image/Eating-Related (Inpatient and Outpatient)

Other Resources

  • Bethany Christian Services (800) 238-4269 Adoption, foster care, and unplanned pregnancy supports
  • DivorceCare (800) 395-5755 Guidance, tips, and resources including a support group through a Christian network of care
  • GriefShare (800) 395-5755 Loss, divorce, or separation-related supports through a Christian network of care
  • Loma Linda Behavioral Medicine Center Outpatient Services (909) 558-9275 Offering a variety of mental health services and supports
  • Reduce the stigma surrounding mental illnesses, change hearts about misconceptions, and encourage open conversations and education
  • Provides a variety of informational resources, classes, and support groups
  • Valenta (909) 771-8023 Offers various treatment programs, including the Valenta Collegiate Program, eating disorders, depression recovery, and outpatient services

Contact the Counseling Center

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