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Get out into God's beautiful creation, try something you've never done before, and make a few new friends while you're at it. CBU Outdoor Adventure exists to create opportunities for students to connect and form friendships, all while getting outside! Join us for an unforgettable adventure, fuel your own outing using our discounted gear, or let us help you plan your next trip! 

Here are some of the things we offer:

  • Overnight trips: We plan everything from transportation to food, activities, campsites, etc. All you have to do is come and enjoy!
  • Day trips: On these one day trips, explore Southern California through multiple disciplines including hiking, kayaking, surfing, etc.
  • Assist students on planning and executing their own outdoor trips
  • Provide planning details and advice on popular outdoor destinations
  • Discounted gear rentals through our Rec Rentals window


Explore Southern California using our top-quality outdoor equipment. Visit the rental window between the east side of the Events Center and west side of the Recreation Center to reserve equipment and learn more about rental policies.

Rec Rentals Summer Hours (May 15 - August 5)
Mon - Thurs: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm *by appointment only*
Subject to various closures based on staffing.
Must make an online reservation and schedule a pickup time.

Online Reservation

Map and Directions

(Click on the map below for interactive directions)

Rec Rentals Map




Rental Items Daily Each Add'l Day
Tents and Sleeping Items    
2-man tent $4 $2
4-man tent $6 $3
6-man tent $8 $4
Sleeping bag $6 $3
Inflatable sleeping pad $4 $2
Foam sleeping pad $2 $1
Cot $6 $3
Lantern $4 $2
Backpacking lantern $2 $1
Headlamp $2 $1
Hiking Items    
Trekking poles $4 $2
Microspikes $4 $2
Daypack $4 $2
Small backpack $6 $3
Medium backpack $6 $3
Large backpack  $8 $4
Camp Kitchen    
2-burner stove $6 $3
Jetboil $4 $2
Bear Canister $6 $3
Backpacking stove $4 $2
Water filter $4 $2
Pots and pans $4 $2
Hammock $4 $2
Crash pad $4 $2
Camping chair $2 $1
Slackline $4 $2
Spikeball Pro Net $2 $1

Water Sports

Rental Items Daily Each Add'l Day
Wetsuit $10 $5
Surfboard $8 $4
Roof rack $2 $1
Body board $6 $3
Fins  $2 $1
Inflatable Paddle board $16 $8

Snow Sports

Rental Items Daily Each Add'l Day
Snowboard $18 $9
Snowboard boots $4 $2
Snowboard helmet $2 $1
Snow Pants $4 $2
Goggles $4 $2

For Sale

Items Price
Propane $5, $6, $7
Nalgene $10
OA long sleeve $20
Camp mug $8
Ski/Snowboard Iron Wax & Edge Tune Up $10


Rental Items Daily Each Add'l Day
Snowboard Package: Snowboard, Boots, Helmet $20 $10
Surf Package: Surfboard, Wetsuit, Roof Rack $16 $8
Body Board Package: Body Board, Fins, Wetsuit $14 $7


Equipment maintenance and care is of the utmost importance to CBU Outdoor Adventure. It is our desire to keep our gear in good condition and provide great experiences for CBU students. This form covers the general care & maintenance of the equipment that renter’s should follow prior to returning equipment. As a renter, it is your responsibility to return all equipment in the same condition it was checked out.

Plan on returns taking around 10 minutes to allow our employees time to inspect the condition of your gear upon return. Please note that if an item is returned outside of these guidelines, it is subject to a $20 cleaning fee per item.

We hope you enjoy!

Equipment Description
Tent After returning from your trip, setup the tent to dry and inspect it for damage. Sweep out all debris, ensure the tent is dry inside and out, and that all poles and stakes are accounted for and in working condition. If you notice any dirty areas, please use a damp sponge and dish soap to gently clean. Allow tent to fully dry.
Sleeping Bag Hang sleeping bag in an open area ‐ over a clean door frame works well. Be sure that there are no left over clothing items in the bag. Do not store sleeping bag compressed unless you are traveling. DO NOT WASH SLEEPING BAG. Our staff will handle that.
Sleeping Pad You may clean with a damp sponge or cloth and dish soap to remove any dirt. Please return dry. Roll tightly before returning.
Cot You may clean with a damp sponge or cloth and dish soap to remove any dirt. Please return dry. Place in bag.
Backpack Clean and dry out backpack after use. Sweep out all debris and ensure you have all of your personal belongings from the pockets. Unzip all zippers and open up to allow for air flow. If you notice any dirty areas, please use a damp sponge and dish soap to gently clean. Allow to fully dry.
Hammock You may clean with a damp sponge or cloth and dish soap to remove any dirt. Please return dry. Leave carabineers on hammock (not on straps). Roll straps in bag.
Camping Chair You may clean with a damp sponge or cloth and dish soap to remove any dirt. Please return dry.
Backpacking Stove Pack stove lightly near the top of a pack. When possible, pack the stove in a large pot to protect it. Be sure to pack fuel on the outside of your pack or away from your food. When done using, please make sure stove is clean from any food residue or debris before returning.
Two-Burner Camp Stove Please clean stove when food is spilled soon after the meal. This makes the clean‐up easier before it solidifies or gets charred on there from subsequent uses. The burner and surrounding areas should be free of all food residue and particles. You may use dish soap and a sponge to clean. Please no steel wool.
Pots and Pans Clean cookware after using. You can use steel wool to clean stainless steel pots. Please return dry.
Water Filter Rinse with fresh water. Make sure water filter is dried and any dirt is wiped off.
Lantern Before departure make sure your lantern is fully charged. It can be charged by using the attached USB port. Wipe down lantern after use.
Headlamp The headlamps are NOT waterproof. Therefore, please keep them in a dry place. Travel and store headlamp in a protected area and in the off position. Please bring back clean. We will not charge for batteries, however it is a good idea for you to bring spares.
Snowboard and Snow Boots Please return snowboard and boots dry and clean of any debris. Damp sponge or cloth can be used to wipe off any dirt. Towel can be used to wipe down board edges and bindings – please dry immediately after use. Snowboard boots should be dried out of the bag by leaving them out with the tongue propped open.
Body Board and Fins After use, rinse with fresh water. Make sure to rinse off any sand. Do not dry in direct sunlight.
Surfboard SOFT TOP SURFBOARDS DO NOT NEED TO BE WAXED! Please do not wax our surfboards. After use rinse with fresh water. Make sure to rinse off any sand. Do not dry in direct sunlight. Velcro leash around fins.
Paddleboard After use, rinse with fresh water. Make sure to rinse off any sand. Do not dry in direct sunlight. Wipe down paddle. Put everything neatly into backpack. Rinse off PFD with fresh water.
Wetsuit After use, rinse with fresh water. Make sure to rinse off any sand. Do not dry in direct sunlight.
Microspikes Return microspikes clean and dry. Can be wiped down with damp sponge or cloth if dirty.
Trekking Poles Wipe with damp sponge or cloth. Completely close poles.
Other / Not Listed Please make sure your item is dry and clean of any dirt/debris.

Late Fee
A late fee of the item’s daily rate will be charged for each day an item is overdue.

Cleaning Fee
Cleaning fees are $20.00/item if the equipment is not returned in a clean, dry condition.

Gear Replacement / Damage* Fees
*The damage fee is assessed by CBU Outdoor Adventure staff. It will not exceed replacement cost.

Item Replacement Fee
2-person tent $200
4-person tent $250
6-person tent $300
Sleeping bag $80
Sleeping pad (foam) $45
Sleeping pad (inflatable) $60
Cot $250
Lantern $70
Pots and pans $100
2-burner stove / Jetboil $100
Backpacking stove  $50
Backpack $50-$300
Surfboard $220
Body board $120
Fins $35
Stand up paddleboard $650
Wetsuit $200
Paddle $100
Surfboard roof rack $55
Snowboard $200
Snowboard boots $120
Snowboard helmet $35
Snowboard bindings $120
Hammock with straps $120
Water filter $70
Trekking poles $60
Camp chair $40
Headlamp $30
Other / Not listed TBD


Follow our Instagram @cburecreation to stay up-to-date with upcoming trip sign-ups! Our sign-ups typically take place at the Rec Rentals window at 8 AM (unless otherwise noted). Traditionally, trip sign-ups will alternate days to accommodate various class schedules. Most trips fill up fast! So pay attention to sign-up dates and get there early!


  • If the CBU Outdoor Program cancels the trip, you will receive a 100% refund.
  • If you withdraw from the trip seven (7) business days before the trip start date, you will receive a 50% refund.
  • If you withdraw from the trip within seven (7) business days of the trip start date, you will not receive a refund.

Student Led Day Trips: Outdoor Adventure Leads will take a group of students out for day adventure trips around Southern California. Our adventure leads have been trained in outdoor risk management strategies that will help minimize risk. Some of our past trips include sea kayaking, hiking, deep sea fishing and surfing.

Overnight Camping: Outdoor Adventure Leads joined by a professional staff member, typically our Outdoor Adventure Coordinator, will take groups of students to venture further out. These multi-day trips include gear, food, instruction, and transportation. Some of our past trips include canoe trips, climbing trips, and National Park visits. 

Let CBU Outdoor Adventure be your go-to resource for planning your adventure needs! Fill out the form below and we will get back to you shortly to assist with planning your adventure. We can help you plan where to go, what activities to do, and what you will need.

Trip Planning Form

group photo

The SoCal Six Pack of Peaks Challenge is a challenge to hike the highest six peaks in Southern California. These include Mt. Wilson, Cucamonga Peak, Mt. Baldy, San Bernardino Peak, Mt. San Jacinto, and San Gorgonio. In total it adds up to 27,108 feet of elevation gain and over 82 miles of hiking!

6 Peak Challenge

Take the Challenge:

  • Hike all six peaks within one year.
  • Take a selfie at each peak with the date and time visible.
  • After each peak you finish, stop by the Rec Rentals window during our open hours to pick up a peak sticker. Every two peaks you will receive a free rental card for use up to $20. (Must show selfie with date and time.)
  • After you complete all six peaks you will receive an Outdoor Adventure long sleeve shirt.
  • First three finishers will receive an Outdoor Adventure Nalgene.
  • Hike the peaks in any order you choose.
  • Please note that these are strenuous hikes that require proper precautions to be taken. Be sure to think through weather, routes, proper clothing, communication, hydration, etc.
  • Open to all CBU students, staff, and faculty.

*Please note that peaks hiked must be the original six to count for the CBU challenge - Mt. Wilson, Cucamonga Peak, Mt. Baldy, San Bernardino Peak, Mt. San Jacinto, and San Gorgonio.

Visit SoCalHiker for more information.

Email karuiz@calbaptist.edu if you are interested in getting connected with other people competing in the challenge to hike with.

Past Trips

  • Southern Utah (Zion, Bryce)
  • Yosemite National Park
  • Canoeing the Colorado River
  • Backpacking in Mammoth
  • Snowboarding in Big Bear
  • Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park
  • Rock Climbing in Joshua Tree
  • White Water Rafting




Contact Campus Recreation

Email: reccenter@calbaptist.edu
Phone: (951) 552-8580
Fax: (951) 552-8586
Recreation Center Hours: Monday–Friday, 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Sunday, 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

3536 Adams Street
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