Meet the Leadership Committee


John R. Shoup, PhD

  John R. Shoup is the Executive Director of the Dr. Paul and Annie Kienel Leadership Institute at California Baptist University in Riverside. John also teaches leadership and educational history and policy at the graduate level and has conducted research and workshops on leadership development and best practices. John has served as a university dean, middle and high school principal, and social worker in various service settings.

  He is an author and frequent presenter on topics related to leadership. John has a Ph.D. in Education with an emphasis in Educational Administration and Policy Studies from the University of California, Riverside. He also has a Master of Divinity and a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, IL. He has been married for 29 years to Margarita and has one daughter, Rebecca.

Jason Kiker, PhD

Jason D. Kiker is an assistant professor and faculty fellow for the Dr. Paul & Annie Kienel Leadership Institute at California Baptist University in Riverside. Jason teaches or has taught quantitative research methods, introductory research methods, inferential statistics, leadership, decision making, and organizational behavior. Jason’s research and interventions often intersect shared and ethical leadership, team processes, performance, cross-unit behavioral ethics, or character development. Jason has served as a business college leadership development fellow, chief of academic assessment, director of an Air Force leader consulting/coaching program, department director of cadet research, multi-national logistics director, as well as operational test and evaluation pilot.
Jason has a Ph.D. in Business Administration with a concentration in management/ organizational behavior from Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. He also has a Master of Business Administration from Regis University in Denver, CO. Married for over two decades to his best friend Anna, they enjoy learning leadership, business, and methods with her from their three adroit children.

Gaynell Vanderslice, PhD

   Gaynell is an assistant professor at California Baptist University Jabs School of Business. Gaynell teaches management, organizational behavior, leadership & change management, ethics, and business communications at the undergraduate and graduate level and has conducted workshops on leadership and communications best practices. Gaynell has 25+ years of management experience in the technology and service industry. She pioneered a leadership and knowledge sharing program that engaged frontline staff and managers, increased trust, improved job performance and promoted professional development. Gaynell is also a speaker and a leadership workshop facilitator.  

  She holds a Ph.D. in Leadership from Alliant International University (AIU) in San Diego and a Certificate of Leadership from Claremont Graduate School. She received the Outstanding Doctor of Philosophy in Leadership award from AIU. She serves as the Volunteer Engagement Chair for SCORE in the Inland Empire. Gaynell is a member of the Dean’s Leadership Circle at CBU Jabs School of Business and a Fellow of Dr. Paul & Annie Kienel Leadership Institute. 

Tad Hove, PhD

  As an educator and entrepreneur, Dr. Hove, is currently the Assistant Dean of graduate programs in the Robert K. Jabs School of Business at California Baptist University, where he teaches graduate courses in leadership, marketing, domestic and international business, communication and organizational behavior. In addition, Dr. Hove, supports entrepreneurs as a consultant while running a real estate business with his wife.

  Tad has been appointed a fellow position in the Paul and Annie Kienel Leadership Institute where he participates in speaking and lecturing on leadership topics, and is currently writing a book on mentoring. Prior to his retirement as an engineer for Qualcomm, Dr. Hove travelled around the world developing business relationships and second source solutions for Qualcomm and Kyocera. He holds a patent, which he developed while employed by Qualcomm, that provides charging for all Lithium Ion battery supported cellular phone devices. Dr. Hove is an advocate for leadership in student development and higher education motivation.

Victoria K. Brodie, EdD

  Victoria K. Brodie is an assistant professor in the Communication Arts Department and is a Fellow with the Dr. Paul and Annie Kienel Leadership Institute at California Baptist University. Victoria teaches courses in communication, public relations, and journalism. She also conducts workshops and speaks on the topics of leadership and team development.  Additionally, Victoria works as a consultant assisting organizations in the areas of strategic communication, leadership development, and marketing.

  Victoria holds an Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership from Pepperdine University and a Master of Public Relations from California Baptist University. With over two decades of communication and leadership experience, Victoria has also served as a member of the Leadership Riverside Steering Committee for ten years. She has a passion exploring leadership best practices and has conducted research on the impact of technology on leadership. Victoria has been married for 17 years to Dave and has two adult sons, Josh and Jordan.

Mary Ann Pearson, EdD

Mary Ann Pearson is a Professor of Communication Arts and she has been appointed a fellow for the Dr. Paul and Annie Kienel Leadership Institute at California Baptist University in Riverside.  Mary Ann has taught education, public relations and communication arts courses including leadership courses at the graduate level. She has conducted research and workshops on mentoring, leadership, work/life balance and working with diverse generations. She won the PRSA Spirit of Public Relations award for 2018 and she serves on the Executive Board for PRSA’s Educator’s Academy. Mary Ann has served as a university chair, public relations practitioner, journalist and public school teacher. Mary Ann has an Ed.D. in Education with an emphasis in Leadership and Administration from La Sierra University in Riverside. She has been married to her husband Edward for over thirty years and they have three children who all graduated from California Baptist University.