About Us

Our Mission

   The Dr. Paul and Annie Kienel Leadership Institute is an interdisciplinary think tank and service provider that equips emerging and established leaders to excel in their personal and professional pursuits for the betterment of society. The Institute provides a range of initiatives and programs to develop competent, virtuous, and engaging member of society who make the right things happen the right way.

Our Logo

   The three pillars symbolize a strong foundation for service, learning, and leading built upon a thorough study and teaching of leadership. The CBU letters in the logo establish the work of the Institute as an extension of CBU’s mission and philosophy. The globe reflects the Institute’s impact of equipping emerging and established leaders across all sectors in every culture to help people, organizations, and societies around the world to thrive.

Our Objectives

The Institute will collaborate with the various colleges and schools at California Baptist University to:

  1. Create and host customized leadership development modules, seminars, camps, and     retreats for local, regional, national, and international leaders serving in a variety of ministries,   organizations, and governmental agencies.Develop and coordinate formal mentoring networks and curriculum for emerging and established leaders.
  2. Provide scholarships for students in the undergraduate and graduate programs in leadership studies.
  3. Discover and disseminate original research and best practices related to leadership from special and general revelation.
  4. Host forums and develop publications that promote wise debate and judicious engagement on critical social issues.