Maintaining Status

Read below for some helpful tips on maintaining your F-1 Visa status: 

  1. Attend class.

  2. Pursue a full course of study.

  3. Make normal progress towards a degree.

  4. Apply for program extensions before the expiration date on the current I-20.

  5. Follow USCIS procedures for changing from one program or educational level to another (e.g., from a Bachelors program to a Masters program).

  6. Follow procedures for transferring from one school to another.

  7. Limit on campus employment to 20 hours per week while school is in session. When class is not in session students on an F-1 visa may work up to 28 hours on campus.

  8. Refrain from off-campus employment without authorization (through economic hardship or part-time practical training requirements).

  9. Report a change of address or name to the DSO within 10 days of the change. The DSO must report the change to SEVIS within 21 days.

  10. Within 60 days of completing the course of study and any authorized practical training, depart the United States, apply for a change of status, or transfer to another school.

  11. Maintain a valid passport.