Figuring Out Financial Aid

CBU strives to make a private Christian education affordable. There are a variety of financial aid options available that help students reduce their cost to attend CBU. Let’s start with some questions you may be asking.

How much does it cost to attend CBU?


To figure out how much CBU will cost, we first need to make a distinction between the sticker price and the actual cost that a student pays to attend.

For 2019–2020, the sticker price is $44,722. This is not the price you will pay. The price you will pay is the actual cost.

CBU 2019-2020 sticker price $44,722

Students can qualify for financial aid to reduce this price and discover their actual cost.


Subtract CBU Aid

These are scholarships and grants students can qualify for from CBU. We offer academic scholarships, need-based grants (CBU Grant), department scholarships and more. These don’t need to be repaid.

97% of incoming students received CBU Aid

Subtract Government Aid

This is need-based aid and eligibility is determined by FAFSA. Use the Net Price Calculator to see the aid you’re qualified to receive. Here are some examples: Federal Pell Grant, Cal Grant and FSEOG. These grants don’t need to be repaid.

56% of incoming students received some type of Government Aid (Cal A, Cal B, Cal S, Pell Grant, or FSEOG)

Subtract Private Aid

These are scholarships that are available through private companies and organizations. These don’t need to be repaid.

$18,350 is the average gift aid amount that incoming students were offered. This includes CBU Aid, government aid and private aid. This was free money that students did not have to pay back.

Subtract Loans

These are loans that must be repaid. Freshman can qualify for up to $5,500 of Direct Federal Student Loans per year. Students may apply for other loans as needed.

= Actual Cost

This is the cost that remains for students after they have subtracted all of the financial aid they are qualified to receive.


CBU Actual Cost 

How does CBU compare?


CBU compares favorably to other four-year private institutions.


CBU compares

*Data Source: The College Board, 2018

Will my family be able to afford CBU?


At CBU, students from every income bracket are represented: 


CBU aid by parent annual income


51% of students' families earn less than $80,000 per year.


But I must graduate with a lot of debt right?


Not exactly. Students can borrow less than their financial aid award depending on what they need.

CBU Debt  

*Data Source: College Scorecard, 2018 


What if I have more questions?


For more information about financial aid, be sure to check out our upcoming Financial Aid Info Sessions here on campus! These events help prospective students and families clearly understand all of the steps necessary to be financially ready to attend CBU.

You can also download CBU’s quick-reference financial aid flyer.