Terms and Conditions

I understand and agree that I must promptly report to the Financial Aid Office any changes in my financial, marital, residency or academic status. Any additional earnings or funds from other sources may result in a reduction of my award and/or require repayment of financial aid funds already advanced to me during the academic year named on this form. I agree to accept responsibility for repayment of any loans awarded to me and understand that when I graduate, withdraw or cease to be a half-time student, I must report to the Financial Aid Office for an exit interview. I hereby accept the financial aid on the reverse side. If I wish to reject any of the aid listed, it is my responsibility to notify the Financial Aid Office. Any additional financial assistance I receive will be added to my award.

This notice of financial assistance is based on the documented financial information you submitted on your FAFSA. It is your responsibility to inform the Financial Aid Office if the status of your reported information changes in any way during the academic year for which you are accepting financial aid. If you believe this award is based upon incorrect information, you may request that the Financial Aid Office review your application using the documented information that you must provide.

1. CALIFORNIA BAPTIST UNIVERSITY reserves the right to revise this financial aid award. Modification of this offer may be required by lack of necessary state or federal funding, corrections or changes in the data reported to the institution by parents and/or students, receipt of additional awards by non-college sources, unintended error, change in unit load, change in residence or other reasons consistent with CALIFORNIA BAPTIST UNIVERSITY's policy and procedures.

2. While some financial aid is conveniently credited against your student account with CALIFORNIA BAPTIST UNIVERSITY, there are some awards in which checks must be made in your name. If these funds are necessary to cover charges due CALIFORNIA BAPTIST UNIVERSITY, the checks must be signed in the Student Accounts Office.

3. If you fail to maintain satisfactory academic progress toward your degree, you may be denied future financial aid. Many financial aid programs are designed to assist you for not more than 4 years of undergraduate work. Satisfactory academic progress is defined in the college catalog.

4. I understand that I must be enrolled at least half-time to receive my full financial aid award and agree that if I withdraw or cease to carry the required number of units, I will make arrangements with the Student Accounts Office to repay any aid advanced to me for which I am no longer eligible.

5. I understand that my financial aid, including Cal Grant B subsistence stipends, will be credited to any current year tuition, fees and university room and board on my student account. By signing this financial aid offer, I authorize the Financial Aid Office to credit any other current educationally related charges on my student account from my current financial aid. I understand that if I do not provide this authorization, I must pay all other charges from personal funds, I also authorize Financial Aid to pay any prior year unpaid charges of $100 or less from my current year financial aid. I understand that if I do not authorize financial aid to pay prior year charges still outstanding, I will provide this information in writing to the Financial Aid Office and pay the balance from personal funds before my current year financial aid may be disbursed. I understand that prior year charges in excess of $100 generally must be paid from personal funds.

Federal loans may be canceled or reduced in size by refusing to accept any disbursement that is issued.

1. Reduction in unit load: if your enrollment status changes, a revision of your financial aid may be required.

2. Change in residency or marital status: this award letter indicates where you reported you would be living this academic year. If this is incorrect or you change your residency or marital status, you must notify the Financial Aid Office.

3. Leave of absence or withdrawal: you must notify the Financial Aid Office if you leave CALIFORNIA BAPTIST UNIVERSITY for any reason. Financial aid awards for students withdrawing from CALIFORNIA BAPTIST UNIVERSITY before the end of the semester will be adjusted in accordance with CALIFORNIA BAPTIST UNIVERSITY and the federal government refund policies.

4. Increase in resources: if you receive any additional resources during the academic year, you are obligated to inform the Financial Aid Office so that your financial aid may be adjusted in accordance with a re-evaluation of your aid eligibility. This assures that the limited funds available will assist the greatest number of students with the highest need (including earnings).


I declare that I will use any funds I receive under the Pell Grant, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, Perkins Student Loan Program, Stafford Loan programs or state Grant programs for expenses connected with attendance at California Baptist University.

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