Important Dates

In applying to colleges, there are many dates to remember along the continuum to admission.

However, from a financial aid perspective, March 2 is THE essential date to mark on your calendar.

The priority deadline for filing your FAFSA is March 2. If you are applying for a Cal Grant from the state of California, you MUST file your FAFSA and GPA verification by then. Your high school may submit a GPA verification form to the state on your behalf. Check with your school's counseling office to confirm that it is sent by March 2.

If you are not applying for the Cal Grant, you may still submit your FAFSA after March 2, however you will not receive a financial aid award until your FAFSA is filed. 

Additionally, the financial clearance deadline—the date by which students must make all payment arrangements—is around the middle of August for the fall semester and the beginning of January for the spring semester. However, that date may vary. Please contact the Student Accounts Office at (800) 782-3382, ext. 4371, prior to a new semester to confirm the next financial clearance deadline or visit their page on InsideCBU