Tuition and Fees

Undergraduate (Daytime) Tuition and Fees

As tuition has steadily increased at many colleges and universities around the country, California Baptist University has chosen to hold the line as much as possible. By keeping tuition costs affordable while enabling students to secure financial aid, we've remained within reach of many students who thought larger, taxpayer-subsidized public schools were their only option. As a result, more and more students are able to enjoy the personal and purposeful education CBU delivers.

Undergraduate (Daytime) Admissions Costs

2017/2018 Academic School Year

Traditional Student Tuition  
Tuition (per semester; 13 to 18 units) $15,223
Tuition (per unit) $1,171
On-Campus Housing  
Shared Occupancy (per semester) $2,815
Meal Plan Options (prices and totals are per semester)  

 Meal Plan Options

Plan Price Meal Swipes Dining Dollars Notes
A $500 45 50 available to commuting students only
B $750 70 50 available to commuting students only
C $1,000 90 100 available to commuting students only
D $1,500 135 150 *minimum plan for residential students
E $1,730 155 200


F $1,945 180 200


G $2,155 200 250


H $2,350 225 250


I $2,550 250 250


J $2,750 275 250  
K $2,955 300 250  
Estimated Books and Supplies (varies per semester/major) $600 to $1,000
Health Insurance (Required unless student is already covered)  
Traditional Student Insurance (per semester) $795
Non-Refundable Fees (per semester unless otherwise specified)  
Admissions Fees  
  Application Fee (one-time fee) $45
  Tuition Deposit (one-time deposit) $250
  Housing Deposit (one-time deposit) $100
General Fees  
  Six (6) units or more $665
  Five (5) units or less $175
Student Services Fee  
  Residential Student $240
  Commuter Student $220
New Student Fee (first semester only)  
  Fall Semester $310
  Spring Semester $160
Academic Fees  
  Science Lab Fees (per applicable course) $110 to $420
  Choir Uniform (per group, per year) $250 to $500
  Music Laptop Computer (includes software; first semester) $2,950
  Program Fees (applicable to certain majors)  
    Architecture $1,250
    Computer Science (Engineering) $420
    Construction Management Major $420
    Engineering Major $1,220
    Nursing Major $1,500
    Nutrition and Food Science Major $400 
    Nutrition and Food Science Minor $225
    Pre-Engineering $420

This is not a comprehensive list. For more information on tuition and fees, please click on the link below.

Tuition and Fees for 2017–2018 Academic Year

All student charges are due and payable by the payment due date. California Baptist University offers three payment options to assist students in covering tuition and fee charges. 

Approved Payment Options

The University reserves the right, with or without notice, to change tuition and fees when necessary.