Financial Aid

Welcome to CBU's Financial Aid Department

CBU's financial aid team is committed to helping you find and secure the resources you need to finance your educational investment. Find out more about how CBU Financial Aid serves students like you.

Financial Aid Award

Several factors determine the amount and type of financial aid you are offered.

  • Your financial need as determined by FAFSA
  • Your willingness to accept various types of aid
  • Availability of funds

A financial aid award consists of gift aid (such as scholarships and grants which do not have to be repaid) and self-help aid (such as student loans and work study which must be borrowed or earned).

What Is a FAFSA?

Submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the starting point for accessing most forms of federal and state aid. Click here to go to the application. Remember to use the free government website.

iGrad: Improve Your Financial Knowledge

Check out iGrad, a new site for all students (undergrad, OPS and graduate) to improve their money management, career and student loan knowledge, financial lessons and more!

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If you have any questions about your financial aid award letter, please contact the Financial Aid Office at (951) 343-4236 or