Campus Dining: Fall 2020 FAQs

  • How will campus dining be offered?

    CBU and its food service operator, Provider Food Services, have implemented new protocols and safety measures to promote a healthy dining experience on campus:

    1. Campus dining locations will provide meals in single-serve, to-go packaging. Self-serve options will not be available.
    2. Protective barriers have been placed at all order and pick-up locations.
    3. Everyone entering a dining facility is required to wear a face covering.
    4. There will be more use of technology to reduce wait times and physical gathering.
    5. Contact-less payment will be available.
    6. Physical distancing signage will be prominently displayed.
  • Will mobile ordering be available?

    Yes, a new mobile ordering app will be available. Instructions regarding how to download and use the app will be coming soon.

  • Is seating available at dining locations?

    Yes, outdoor dining is available. Tables and seating are located throughout the campus. Indoor seating will be available when permitted by state and local authorities.

  • What safety precautions are the food service staff taking?

    Provider Food Services staff has implemented a health and safety plan including but not limited to: employee COVID-19 training, daily wellness checks, wearing of face coverings and other protective gear, and frequent sanitization of high-contact surfaces.