Catherine Heinlein, Ed.D

Associate Professor of Nursing

Office Phone: (951) 552-8292
Office Location: Nursing Annex 161
Office Hours:

Degree Major Emphasis Institution Year
Ed.D Education/Organizational Leadership University of La Verne 2007
M.S. Nutrition Science University of Southern California 1995
B.S.N. Nursing Azusa Pacific University 2010
B.S. Foods and Nutrition California State University Los Angeles 1987
  • Additional Education

    Certified Diabetes Educator
    United States Army

  • Courses Taught

    First Year Seminar
    Foundations of Professional Nursing
    Fundamentals of Human Nutrition
    Health Assessment
    Nutrition and Therapeutics
    Life Cycle Nutrition
    Transcultural Healthcare (India)
    Complementary and Alternative Therapies: Herbs, Dietary Supplements, and Nutrition
    Community Health Nursing
    Cultural Aspects of Foods and Nutrition
    Nutrition for Exercise and Sports Medicine

  • Academic Areas & Scholarly Interests

    Diabetes Education/Management
    Diabetes Educator Training Programs
    Community Health/Public Health
    Maternal and Child Health
    Service Learning Impact on Caring Attitudes
    Transcultural Healthcare

  • Teaching Experience

    Azusa Pacific University School of Nursing, Azusa, California
    Mount San Antonio College, Walnut, California
    Pasadena City College, Pasadena, California

  • Research, Presentations, & Publications

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    Heinlein, C.R., & Westlake, C. (2019, April). Learning and Workforce Preparation through Service Learning. Presented at the 15th Annual Nursing Research Symposium, Azusa, California.
    Heinlein, C.R., & Westlake, C. (2019, April). Assessing Knowledge and Self-Confidence among Nursing Students. Presented at the 15th Annual Nursing Research Symposium, Azusa, California.
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    Heinlein, C.R. (2018, May 20). Making you a diabetes scholar. Presented at the Diabetes Awareness and You (D.A.Y.) workshop, Kolkata, India.
    De, A., Heinlein, C.R., Mondal, S., Treloar, J. & Walia, K. (2018, May 16). United States-India Educational Foundation, Kolkata, India. Panel session: Pre-departure orientation panel session. Dr. Heinlein presents on diversity issues, culture, pedagogy, travel safety, and health matters.
    Heinlein, C.R. (2018, February 18). Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose: An important patient centric paradigm. Presented at the Diabetes Awareness and You (D.A.Y.) workshop, Kolkata, India.
    Heinlein, C.R. (2018, February 27). Reaching the unreachable: Establishing a diabetes prevention program at a volunteer organization and community group setting in Kolkata, India. Presented at the South and Central Asia Fulbright Conference, New Delhi, India.
    Heinlein, C.R., Sundararajan, M., Tiwary, I., & Varma, A. (2018, May 24). 2018 Indian Fulbright-Nehru Scholar Orientation, Delhi, India. Panel session: Understanding U.S. Culture. Dr. Heinlein presents on diversity issues: gender, race, religion in the United States; accepting of others versus xenophobia.
    Heinlein, C. (2017, September). Not so Unreachable: Bringing community into diabetes management. Hindu Temple and Heritage Center, Pasadena, CA
    Heinlein, C., Kuntemeyer, C., Padilla, B., Perrigo, E., Ross, J., & Trent, M. (2017, March). India: Impact on heart, spirit, and mind. Annual Common Day of Learning, Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, CA.
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    Diabetes Prevention – Sponsored by California Diabetes Foundation – Presentation to Southern California Edison, City of Fullerton - Fall 2010.
    Acculturation, Health Status, Dietary Nutrient Intake and Practices of Filipino Americans: A Pilot Study – Dela Cruz, F.A., Nario, M.B.L., Heinlein, C.H.Azusa Pacific University Annual Research Day – Spring 2010.
    Understanding Decision Making and Clinical Judgments in Health Care through Research and Service Learning Around the World – Common Day of Learning Presentation – Azusa Pacific University – Spring 2009
    Healthy Living—Healthy Eating – Presentation to the Congregation of Jesus is Lord Church, Azusa, CA – Spring 2009
    Dietary Measures in the Control and Treatment of Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes – Presentation to Azusa Unified School District’s Parent University – Spring 2009
    Portion Control and Prediabetes – Presentation to Migrant Education Program Parents – Fall 2008
    Food Allergies – Presentation to Duarte Unified School District Food and Nutrition Services Personnnel – Fall 2008
    Healthy Living – Eating for Life! – Presentation to Azusa Pacific University Students during Healthy Living Week – Fall 2008
    Nutrition for Adults-What We Offer at the Neighborhood Wellness Center – Presentation to the Azusa Historical Society – Fall 2008
    Infant Nutrition – Presentation to the School of Nursing, Calcutta Mercy Hospital School of Nursing (India) – Summer 2008
    ABC’s of Eating Right – Presentation for the California Conservation Corps, Pomona – Summer 2008
    Challenges in Working with Diabetes and Obesity – Presentation for the School of Nursing’s Annual Research Day, Azusa Pacific University – Spring 2008
    Eating Disorders: Friend or Foe. Annual Common Day of Learning, Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, CA - Spring 2008
    What a Nutrition Plan for a Busy College Student Looks Like – Guest speaker for Health Education Class, Azusa Pacific University – Spring 2008
    Eating Well and Keeping Active in the Later Years – Guest speaker for Delta Kappa Gamma of San Gabriel Valley – Spring 2008
    Practical Tips for Families-Healthy Eating – Guest speaker at the Iglesia Biblia
    Misionaria, in the cities of El Tala y El Jaguel, Argentina – August 2007
    Making Sense of Your Blood Glucose Log Book and Other Practical Applications – Azusa Pacific University and Pomona Community Health Center – Spring 2007
    Nutrition and Cardiovascular Disease – Delta Phi Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma – Azusa Pacific University – April 2007

  • Church Membership & Activities

    Fellowship Monrovia

  • Community Service & Involvement

    Recipient of the Community Engagement Faculty Award (2018) in recognition of integrating the four cornerstones of Azusa Pacific University: Christ, Scholarship, Community, and Service.
    Recipient of a Fulbright-Nehru Award to India (2017-2018) Reaching the Unreachable: Establishing a Diabetes Prevention Program at a Volunteer Organization and Community Group Setting in Kolkata, India.
    Winter Homeless Shelter through the San Gabriel Coalition for the Homeless (2010-2012).
    Director, Short Term Study Abroad, Kolkata, India (2012-2017).
    Faculty Co-Leader (Missions), Kolkata, India (2008, 2009).
    Africa New Life, Medical Missions Rwanda (2014).
    Church Planting/Women's Health Missions (Christ Community Church), Argentina (2004, 2005, 2007).
    Former Associate Director, Neighborhood Wellness Center, Azusa Pacific University.
    Mexico Outreach (2016) First Aid/Infirmary Station and Public Health, Azusa Pacific University.

  • Interests & Hobbies

    Docent, Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanical Gardens (Arcadia).
    Diabetes Awareness and You! (D.A.Y.) Lifetime Membership and involvement in training diabetes educators in India.
    Healthcare Missions (Argentina, Rwanda, India).
    Hiking, cycling, museums.
    Three beautiful and successful adult children.

  • Personal Philosophy

    "When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things" (1 Cor 13:11).

    "Aging is not just adding years to our total on earth. It is a process of humanization, of becoming more spiritually and culturally complex. It allows us to get down to business and make life worthwhile" (Moore, 2017, p. 26, Ageless Soul).