Matt Leonard Image

Matt Leonard, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Office Phone: (951) 552-8991
Office Location: Business Building, 245
Office Hours: M & W (8:15-9:30; 11:45-2:30)

Degree Major Emphasis Institution Year
Ph.D. Philosophy University of Southern California 2019
M.A. Philosophy University of California, Davis 2013
M.A. Philosophy California State University, Los Angeles 2010
B.A. Philosophy California Baptist University 2008
B.A.T. Applied Theology California Baptist University 2008
  • Courses Taught

    PHI 422 - Twentieth-Century Philosophy
    PHI 363 - Metaphysics
    PHI 343 - Philosophy of Religion
    PHI 324 - Applied Ethics
    PHI 300 - Logic
    PHI 213 - Intro to Philosophy
    WLD 181 - Goodness, Truth, and Beauty
    KIN 510 - Graduate Seminar: Sports Ethics

  • Academic Areas & Scholarly Interests

    Areas of Specialization:


    Areas of Competence/Interest:

    Philosophy of Physics
    Philosophy of Language
    Philosophy of Religion
    Applied Ethics
    History of Western philosophy (especially Plato, the Medievals, and Contemporary Analytic Philosophy)

  • Teaching Experience at Institutions Other than CBU


    1. Johns Hopkins University, Center for Talented Youth (2012 − 2019)

    Logic: Principles of Reasoning (Summer 2019)
    Logic: Principles of Reasoning (Summer 2018)
    Logic: Principles of Reasoning (Summer 2017)
    Big Questions (Summer 2016)
    Big Questions (Summer 2015)
    Logic: Principles of Reasoning (Summer 2014)
    Logic: Principles of Reasoning (Summer 2013)
    Logic: Principles of Reasoning (Summer 2012)

    2. University of California, Davis (2011 − 2012)

    Introduction to Philosophy (Summer 2012)
    Critical Reasoning (Summer 2011)


    1. University of Southern California (2014 − 2018)

    Issues in Space and Time (Spring 2017)
    The Meaning of Life (Spring 2016)
    Science, Religion, and the Making of the Modern Mind (Fall 2015)
    Existentialism, Death, and Meaninglessness (Summer 2015)
    Contemporary Moral and Social Issues (Spring 2015)
    Mind and Self: Modern Conceptions (Fall 2014)

    2. University of California, Davis (2011 − 2013)

    Introduction to Philosophy (Spring 2013)
    Introduction to Philosophy (Spring 2012)
    Introduction to Symbolic Logic (Spring 2012)
    Introduction to Philosophy (Spring 2011)
    Introduction to Philosophy (Spring 2011)

    3. California State University, Los Angeles (2009 − 2010)

    Moral Social Issues in a Multicultural Society (Summer 2010)
    Introduction to Philosophy (Spring 2010)
    Critical Thinking (Fall 2009)
    Comparative Religions (Summer 2009)
    Human Diversity and Justice (Spring 2009)

  • Research, Presentations, & Publications


    8. "Supersubstantivalism and Vague Location" Philosophical Studies (Forthcoming).

    7. "Knowledge, False Belief, and Reductio" Inquiry: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy (Forthcoming).

    6. "What is it to be Located?" Philosophical Studies (2021), 178: 2991-3009.

    5. "Supersubstantivalism and the Argument from Harmony" Thought: A Journal of Philosophy (2021), 10(1): 53-57.

    4. “Composition and the Logic of Location: An Argument for Regionalism” Mind (2020), 129(513): 159-178, with Cody Gilmore.

    3. “Enduring through Gunk” Erkenntnis (2018), 83(4): 753-771.

    2. “What is Mereological Harmony?” Synthese (2016), 193(6): 1949-1965.

    1. “Locating Gunky Water and Wine” Ratio (2014), 27(3): 306-315.


    "Supersubstantivalism and the Argument from Harmony"
    6. University of Lugano, Switzerland (Oct 2022)

    "Supersubstantivalism and the Argument from Harmony"
    5. University of Geneva, Switzerland (Oct 2022)

    “What is it to be Located?”
    4. University of Lugano, Switzerland (Nov 2017).
    3. California State University, Los Angeles; Colloquium (Nov 2017).

    “Three Questions about Stoic Blends”
    2. University of Oxford; Stoic Mereology: Ancient and Contemporary Perspectives (Mar 2017).

    “Mereological Harmony and the Nature of Spacetime”
    1. University of Belgrade, Serbia (Nov 2012).


    “Explaining Harmony”
    28. Central APA; Chicago, IL (Feb 2020).

    “On the Contingency and Vagueness of Where I Am”
    27. New York University; Columbia/NYU Graduate Philosophy Conference (April 2019).
    26. Eastern APA (symposium); New York City, NY (Jan 2019), 2019 Sanders Graduate Student Award.
    25. Stanford University; Berkeley Stanford Davis Graduate Philosophy Conference (May 2018).
    24. University of Milan, Italy; Society for the Metaphysics of Science Conference (Aug 2018).

    “What is it to be Located?”
    23. University of Oxford; 21st Oxford Philosophy Graduate Conference (Nov 2017).
    22. University of St. Andrews, Scotland; 10th Arché Graduate Conference (Oct 2017).
    21. Central APA (symposium); Chicago, IL (Feb 2018).

    “Enduring through Gunk”
    20. University of Oxford; 19th Oxford Philosophy Graduate Conference (Nov 2015).
    19. University of California, Berkeley; BSD Graduate Conference (Apr 2016).
    18. Alghero, Italy; Metaphysics of Space, Time, and Spacetime Conference (Jun 2016).
    17. Virginia Tech; Graduate Conference in Contemporary Analytic Metaphysics (Nov 2015).
    16. Pacific APA; San Francisco, CA (Mar 2016).

    “Locating Gunky Water and Wine”
    15. University of Oxford; 17th Oxford Philosophy Graduate Conference (Nov 2013).
    14. Central APA; Chicago, IL (Feb 2014).

    “Mereological Harmony and the Nature of Spacetime”
    13. University of Oxford; 16th Oxford Philosophy Graduate Conference (Nov 2012).
    12. University of Cologne, Germany; LEMMing Graduate Conference (Nov 2012).

    “Mirror Realism”
    11. Pacific APA; San Francisco, CA (Mar 2013).
    10. Western Washington University; Northwest Student Philosophy Conference (May 2012).
    9. Yale University; Yale/UConn Graduate Conference (Apr 2012).
    8. Stanford University; Berkeley/Stanford/Davis Graduate Conference (Apr 2012).
    7. University of Colorado, Boulder; Rocky Mountain Philosophy Conference (Apr 2012).

    “Burge’s Contextual Theory of Truth and the Super-Liar Paradox”
    6. Hejnice, Czech Republic; 2011 Logica Symposium (Jun 2011).
    5. Georgia State University; Phi Sigma Tau Philosophy Conference (Mar 2011).
    4. Arizona State University; Southwest Graduate Conference (Mar 2011).
    3. University of California, Berkeley; Berkeley/Stanford/Davis Graduate Conference (Apr 2010).

    “Demonstratives, Direct Reference, and Cognitive Significance”
    2. Honolulu, HI; Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities (Jun 2010).

    “Contextual Truth Theories and the Liar Paradox”
    1. Honolulu, HI; Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities (Jun 2010).


    3. A. Fisher’s "Against Primitivism about Truth", Pacific APA (Apr 2012).
    2. J. Hollowell’s "Incompatibilism and the Exclusion Thesis", BSD Grad Conference (Apr 2012).
    1. J. Caton’s "Common Knowledge, Coordination, and Context", Southwest Grad Conf. (Apr 2012)

  • Church Membership & Activities

    The Grove

  • Community Service & Involvement

    Philosophy Instructor, Prison Education Project (Santa Fe Springs, California)

  • Interests & Hobbies


    My wife Hillary and I have three kiddos: Cosette, Chaucer, and Tennyson (ages 14, 12, and 8). We also have a german shepherd, a siberian cat, and an ivory ball python.


    Cooking (Specifically: Neapolitan Pizza, Tomahawk Ribeyes, Ribs, Santa Maria Tri-Tip, Italian Beefs, Chicago Dogs, and Smashburgers)
    Music (Specifically: Taylor Swift, Emo, Metal, 90's Country, Merle Haggard/Buck Owens/The Bakersfield Sound)
    Football (Go Steelers!)
    Hockey (Go Ducks!)
    Baseball (Go Dodgers!)
    Basketball (Go Lakers!)