Cindy Sendor, M.A.

Assistant Professor

Office Phone: (951) 343-4655
Office Location: HSC F85 (F93 temporarily)
Office Hours:

Degree Major Emphasis Institution Year
M.A. Communication Disorders California State University, Fullerton August 1986
B.A. Communications California State University, Fullerton December 1984
  • Teaching Experience

    10 years of adjunct faculty and clinical supervision at California State University, Fullerton.

  • Research, Presentations, & Publications

    1991: Author of GIFT-ADD, a group intervention model for
    children ages 5 to 15 presenting with additional deficits
    1994: Development of ADDvantage for Students, a tutoring
    program specifically designed to meet the needs of students
    with attentional difficulties
    1996: Development of ADDvance, a student enrichment program providing speech, language
    and cognitive intervention for students at private schools in
    the Covina/West Covina area
    2007 – 2010: Teen Scene pilot program: development of a life-skills training model for
    adolescents 12 to 15:11 years old on the autism spectrum at
    Casa Colina Children’s Services supported by funding from
    the Henry L. Guenther Foundation.
    2012-2013: California Communication Access Fund Grant and Findings report: Use
    of iPad to Increase Communication and Satisfaction of
    2013 - present: Effects of Amplification on Language
    Development of Children with Atresia: Poster presentation at
    AAA and CSHA, co-author. Currently under journal review, as
    well, for publication. 2015, the peer review article accepted
    into Journal of Audiology and currently going to print.
    February, 2015 to present: Exploring Use of AutisMate to
    increase communication access for children on the Autism
    Spectrum and adults with Aphasia through grant research with
    DCF. (Modified to "Use of AAC" in general and currently
    being submitted for publication through Casa Colina's
    Research Institute).

  • Church Membership & Activities

    Faith Life Center

  • Community Service & Involvement

    SGPRC Vendor Advisory Board for the last 10 years.